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Movies - Roman Mythology Movies

Updated on September 6, 2014

Roman Empire

Movies based on Roman history have always been seductive to those who fond of ancient history. Movies can travel you to the past ages and show the Glory and the Power of Roman Empire. It is true that Roman society and culture of those days mostly are built on "Greek principles". Roman Empire believed in freedom and also believed in slavery. It is not rare when in such societies, with an enormous number of slaves being tortured and killed on daily basis, a hero is born destined to rise and to revenge, Legendary Spartacus.

"Spartacus" - gladiator, leader, savior. A savage in the eyes of Romans and Savior among the slaves.

Spartacus 1960

Probably the most watched, the most inspiring movie of them all is Movie "Spartacus" with Kirt Douglas, Laurence Olivier and Tony Curtis.

A slave from Thrace, that has been trained in the education center for Gladiators under the whip of his master. The movie Spartacus describes not only the life of a single slave but the total atmosphere of that time. Spartacus was strong enough to rise his head and embrace the role of leader. His actions show us that pushing someone to the edge may trigger the beast hidden inside. And the beast inside of Spartacus was so strong that he managed to free many slaves and almost conquer all Roman Empire. His influence was so strong that people followed him without hesitation. The sacrifice of those people was not for themselves but for younger generation. If Spartacus wasn't betrayed by the pirates maybe today Italy would not be as we all know it.

The newest version of the movie is series mentioned bellow but due to violence and bold sexual scenes I would suggest these series for +18.

  • Spartacus Blood and Sand (season 1)
  • Spartacus Gods of Arena
  • Spartacus Vengeance (season 2)
  • Spartacus War of Damned (season 3)


The second movie that I would suggest is movie "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor as main character. Cleopatra as Queen of Egypt is actually a descendant of General Ptolemy (he became Pharaoh of Egypt after the death of Great Alexander). Cleopatra and Antony were one of the greatest couple, two greatest lovers who managed to become actually a History. Before she knew Antony the daughter of Goddess Iris managed to seduce Caesar and even gave birth to his son. Her dream was Egypt's prosperity and safety of the country. She believed in greatness of the Roman Empire and she wished to be a part of it. After the death of Caesar she tries to seduce Antony, the General of the Rome, but somehow she fells in love with him. Many times she tried to push Antony to edges trying to make him share the dream she had with Caesar, a dream of conquering the world. But Antony never responded to such ambition, he just wanted to be in the arms of Cleopatra.

The latest version of the movie is "Cleopatra" 1999 with Leonor Varela, Timothy Dalton and Billy Zane. It is interesting movie and worthy to watch.

One of the oldest version of the movie is "Cleopatra" of 1945 "Cleopatra and Antony"

Cleopatra 1999

Classic Movies And New Movies

Old movies were based on actors acting, they had some kind of Romantic tone in comparison with movies of nowadays. Today's movies have evolved not necessary in a good way, as they mostly are emphasized on special effects and not on actors' and actresses' unique acting.

Modern movies are interesting to watch and special effects are always breathtaking, but old movies make us live with the role. For example when watching Spartacus, the old movie, I imagine myself as leader, gladiator with a lifetime mission to free all slaves. When I watch the new Spartacus I only want to have actor's six pack :) and see some special effects.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Good job on your introduction and appreciation of these movies. I agree with your analysis that these days movies are less acting and more special effects. Make us treasure the old ones.