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"Spoiler Alert!" Movies Theaters Should Be a Sacred Quiet Zone

Updated on August 31, 2015

Sending mixed messages

This is what I saw when I went into the theater. No I used my camera, not my phone
This is what I saw when I went into the theater. No I used my camera, not my phone | Source

It adds a whole new meaning to, "Spoiler Alert"

I cannot believe my eyes when I see what is staring at me on the screen. Thank goodness I have my camera with me (and thankfully my camera doesn't make a peep, or glow, when I quickly filmed the screen), because nobody would believe it. Or would they? One of the biggest problems with going to the movies, these days, is not the content of the film; nudity, language, or even quality. It is watching movies with people who are disrespectful of those around them. So many people are so attached to their phones that they can't even conceive of turning them off, let alone leaving them behind (if even for a few hours), for fear of a disconnect from their lifeline. It's sad to see, yes, but it's even more infuriating when they disturb my beautiful movie experience. I would love it if the movie theater were a no cell service zone! What a concept. What a tongue twister. Movie theaters and automobiles... Ahhh, but I digress.

How are we to expect people (many who simply don't have a clue) to behave appropriately inside the theater, when the screen itself is coaxing people to turn on those noisy, glowing boxes (streamline as they are) so that they can start making noise in order to get prizes. It's infuriating. "Spoiler alert" is right! Way to spoil the movie, before it even starts.

Text now and get a free coke!

Yes, I have seen other prompters during other visits to the movie theater. In these cases it's been at the AMC Theaters, since that's the one I frequent the most (though that may change if this keeps up). I don't know if other theaters also partake. So, not only does this spoil the movie, it's also unfair to those of us who have the keen sense not to bring in our phones. I would like to have the same opportunity to get a free coke, when a message flashes during the pre-show. Just because I was present and saw it. Why not just offer that? Hey, if you're watching, come on out to the concession stand and get your free coke in the next five minutes. And thanks for turning off your phone!

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First Look. Who cares, the movie hasn't started yet.

I care! Darn it! First Look is a chance to see previews for upcoming shows and behind the scenes peeks of filmmaking, music videos, and interviews with some really interesting people. It does not matter if some moviegoers don't find any of that worth their time. Good. Then don't come into the theater, until you are ready to watch the screen. Quietly!! Without your phone.

If I want to watch a dancing hot dog, instead of the glow from your phone, which is really obnoxiously distracting by the way, (while you show your friend the cool new game on it, or text, or check your emails, or whatever...), and instead of listening to you talk on your phone, because, "The movie hasn't started yet," well then, I should be able to watch that frank rumba, settle in, and get in the mood for the previews, and of course the main feature.

So the movie's over, here come the credits. I sometimes like to check them out. Last week a woman up front just couldn't wait to get back on her phone, and do whatever... That glow really is irritating. I give. But I must ask her, "Why in the world can't you go out into the lobby and get on your phone.???" It reminds me of watching a movie at home, and the credits are overridden with the beginning of the next show, and run so fast and so tiny that it's impossible to see them. It's just a kind of an abrupt ending. Where's that smooth movie theater ending? Where indeed!

This phone use, away from the theater, is already out of control, and quite often rude, but in the theater? To boot, the theater itself is sending mixed messages. One minute it's saying, "Text now!" and the next, "Turn off your phones, using them is rude!" The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is up to. Let's just go with that second message. Wait, what?

It's absolute MADNESS! We must put a stop to it. Leave your phones at home.


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