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The Best Movies You Haven't Seen of 2014. Best Movies of 2014 that you Haven't Heard of.

Updated on January 27, 2015

#1 Kill the Messenger

Movies based on true stories always add a little something to a good film Especially if the film is based on a government cover up at the highest level. Could that be why this film wasn't promoted properly?

Who wouldn't want to hear about the CIA selling tons of cocaine to buy guns?

#2 Nightcrawler

In these times of high unemployment, it is so refreshing to see a movie about a man this motivated to work! In all seriousness though Jake Gyllenhaal provides a stunning performance that can't help but make you think. I had my doubts but this is a must watch for lovers of action movies and thrillers!

#3 What We Do in the Shadows

I can not recall a movie that made me laugh this much sober since well...ever! And that it has not been made publicly available on the big screen in the US just shows how seriously wrong something is with the American movie industry!

Well I can't blame you for missing this one. But I can blame the American film studios! It was filmed in New Zealand and won awards at film festivals all over the world. It will only now be shown in just one screen in New York and LA each starting this week I believe. The film makers are currently raising money on to try to fund a bigger US release.

It is filmed as a documentary following the everyday life of a group of vampires sharing a house. I know vampires are being hit hard now on TV and in the theaters, but none of them are anything like this. I would also argue that not a one of the US made comedies on 2014 are even in the same league as this gem.

A comedy for the ages!


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    • profile image

      Josh Weaver 3 years ago

      It makes you wander if the government paid to not promote the movie.

    • profile image

      James 3 years ago

      A conspiracy theory that turned out to be true. What's not to like?