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Movies about Bookstores and Books on Netflix

Updated on September 27, 2015

If you understand the charm and sophistication of hiding with a book in a quiet nook of your home or a library, you will enjoy these movies about bookstores and books on Netflix. If these films get removed from Netflix, they are definitely worth an Amazon digital rental.

A Movie about Books and Bookstores
A Movie about Books and Bookstores | Source

The Ninth Gate

1999 R 133 Minutes

Johnny Depp stars as a rare book buyer and seller who is paid by a mogul to find copies of the Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows, a centuries-old demon text.

Depp visits old Portugal and France to track the books and their wealthy owners down. He is drawn into a plot of intrigue and danger along the way.

The Ninth Gate is chock full of leatherbound books, old wooden shelves, a rare bookstore, library, and old mansions and estates.

Even more, this movie has a lot of stereotypical film noir touches, i.e., Depp's character is always smoking and drinking liquor in the film.

It will suit not only bibliophiles, but also those who love Europe and those who love old architecture.

A Movie about a Bookstore
A Movie about a Bookstore | Source

Read You Like a Book

2006 NR 101 minutes

Bookstore owner Dante has a book in his posession that permits readers to reverse some of the biggest mistakes they've ever made.

This entire movie takes place in a bookstore and almost everyone can relate to one of the characters. Especially touching is the story of Gina -- an attractive single woman in her 40s who is looking for love and can't seem to find the right guy.

This movie is slow moving and low key, but that is the charm of it. On a rainy day, when you just want to relax with your hot cocoa, this is your film.

A Movie About An Author and a Bookstore
A Movie About An Author and a Bookstore | Source

The Answer Man (Original Title: Arlen Faber)

2009 1hr 37m R

Self-help author Arlen has been away from the public eye and reclusive since he wrote a book many years ago. Despite being a writer that speaks to the heart and soul of readers, he has become rude and arrogant. I found myself hating him for a good part of the film. But in the end he is redeemed.

The Answer Man is shot in downtown Philadelphia and includes many a good streetscape, including an indie bookstore, and Arlen's brownstone home.

Jeff Daniels plays the rude Arlen impeccably and Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame plays his love interest. If you enjoy seeing people's lives improved and changed and/or having a "moral to the story" of your movie, you will like The Answer Man.


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