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Movies from 2012

Updated on December 22, 2012

What's better than popcorn, soda, or a movie in a theater? Some would say that nothing else but with so many movies that came out this year, it is hard to say which movies were good and which movies didn't catch our attention. As you look through the movie list and in which place they are in, it is amazing how certain movies can stay at first place. It seems to be that they are the movies that much more action and a good story plot.

Some of the movies that came out this year was really good and you were able to see that with how long they stayed in the movie theater. Who can forget the Hunger Games and how much attention it got from all the ones who viewed it. Then we have The Avengers and that was a good actions movie and also lasted for a while in the theater as well. However, we have some of the movies that didn't make it all the way. They were in the movies for like two or three days and you didn't hear about them anymore until they came out on DVD.

I remember seeing three movies when they came out in the movies, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Expendables 2, they were really good movies and I don't usually go to the movies unless it is for a good reason and I felt that that those movies were worth watching. The rest of the moves I waited until they came out on DVD because movie tickets can sometimes become expensive especially when you are going to the movies every week or so.

One thing that I also noticed was that a few of the movies were coming from books that were written by well known authors. The Hungers Games came from a book series and this really caught the attention of many young adults because most of them had already read the books. Don't be surprised when the next one comes that movie becomes popular for a few weeks. Sometimes books are a great inspiration for movies and that can be good but there should also be originality when doing movies.

When you think of movies that have caught your attention, which do you think caught your eye? Is there one that you think didn't really make such a good movie? Was it because of the characters, the plot, or just that it didn't have any action?


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