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Movies of Old

Updated on September 18, 2009



It is a very difficult to pick my favorite movie, but I would have to say that Robin Hood staring Errol Flynn would have to be my choice. I’m a big fan of the “oldies” To me; in general movies from the thirties through the fifties encompassed everything needed for a great movie. You need action, romance, drama, comedy and good versus evil for a great film.

            Robin Hood has these elements, and more. Examples of action are numerous, and obviously the sword play and the many skirmishes between Robin’s men and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The romance between Robin and the lovely Maid Marion is the classic love a first sight, and a love that is forever. The drama is reflected in the plotting between Prince John and the Sheriff to tax the people for their own riches, and the ultimate betrayal to dethrone his own brother, King Richard, and make himself the new king. There are many examples of comedy in this film, such as the first meeting between Little John and Robin, as well as the time Robin firsts encounters Friar Tuck. Good versus Evil is easily reflected through out with the good deeds of Robin and his Merry Men versus the treachery of Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. The musical score that accompanies this movie enhances all emotional feeling of these elements to their fullest. If you were to just listen to the music you could probably pick out the action, romantic drama, and comedic scenes throughout the picture.

            Good movies are still made, but the quality and consistency of movies isn’t the same level as Robin Hood and movies of the era I have described.



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