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Movies that defined the fashion of its times

Updated on October 12, 2013

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction (1994)

Too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy for my shirt

Boyfriend shirt

Ok so Pulp Fiction is what it is, a total classic. but the synonymous classic image of Uma Thurman in her capri pants, harsh bangs as black as her bra and that white shirt. Girls wanted to live her carefree and dangerous life and many boyfriends never got their white shirts back in that decade.

In the mood for love (2000)

Bringing 1960s Hong Kong to the runway
Bringing 1960s Hong Kong to the runway

Oriental grace

Maggie Cheung palys a perfect woman with an imperfect marriage and her dress reflects it all.

Set in 1960s Hong KOng, her hair, her perfectly fitting dress, the bold colors and coquettish heels brought international attention to Chinese materials and forms. Everyone from Paris to Newyork showed up at parties that year in a slim, silky knee length dress with the perfect Victorian wave in her hair

Funny Face (1957)

From nerdy bookstore girl to Top model
From nerdy bookstore girl to Top model

Fashion Immersed

Well it certainly helps that Hepburn insisted that the (very real) Parisian couturier Hubert de Givenchy design all her film costumes for the movie Funny Face. But the beautiful and charming Audrey could make any dowdy rag look nice. However, how a film can scream fashion when the backdrop is an extravagant photoshoot in lovely Paris with beautiful woman - this is the defining film for sure. And of course in any listing of fashion films Audrey would at least thrice for Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's. More power to her!

Dr No (1962)

less is more
less is more

Ursula Undressed

Undoubtedly the most famous example of swimwear on screen Ursula Andress became the most memorable Bond Girl when she emerged from the Caribbean sea in that belted bikini. The iconic bikini sold for £35,000 at auction in 2001. Ursula is till today voted as the ultimate Bikini Goddess, although Halle Berry in a later Bond movie dressed in a similar belted orange bikini. Well we all know who was here first!

Simplicity Unparalleled

Shuchitra Sen - the ultimate Bengali belle
Shuchitra Sen - the ultimate Bengali belle

The Bengali belle

While all the hoopla was going on in Hollywood around Liz Taylor and Shirley Mclaine, in India , particularly Bengal, men, women and undecided alike were swooning over the unrelenting charm and beauty of Shuchitra sen. Having acted in over 50 classic films n several language over 20 years, she remains till today, the quintessential fashion icon of Bengali belles. Her European style in Shaptapodi, Stylish housewife in Naborag, her beautiful blouses and hairstyle in Bipasha - till today actresses and stylish women of bengal try to replicate for guaranteed compliments!

Basic Instinct 1992

White Stone

Let's have it - Sharon Stone's talent and beauty is only rivalled by Sharon Stone in that white dress and burning Cigarette on a sofa. Every boy, man and jealous woman watched that bad ass scene , virtually ruining the VHS player rewinding and playing , many times over to really decide what exactly was exposed.

Sharon Stone smirks and every now and then copies herself from Basic Instinct ( as latest as the premier of the 2013 movie Lovelace) only to catapult us to those indulgent days.

Out of Africa (1985)

Two faces of beauty
Two faces of beauty

Streep Search

There is Safari Style and before that there was Out of Africa. Meryl Streep's personification of Karen Blixen became one with fashion history when the film inspired lead designers that year to bring out entire fashion lines that reflected the film's setting. Women wanted to be boyish and adventurous like Meryl and along with the wavy bob, the safari hat complete with the belted khaki top and side sling leather bag and high suedes.

Man oh man, if there was one time pants looked better on women, this would be it.

The sharp contrast of her harsh dress style to how she initially appeared in the movie, a dainty dame in flirty white dress with the perfect lace work and hat captures the state of mind of the character and makes it so memorable


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love basic instinct. An awesome movie and thrilling to watch