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Exciting Movies Worth the Ticket Price in 2012

Updated on April 8, 2012

1. The Dictator (May 11th)


Larry Charles


Sacha Baron Cohen

Anna Faris

John C. Reilly

Ben Kingsley

Watching the trailer it seems like a very funny story of a dictator who finds himself stuck among ordinary people trying to find his way back in to his position. The trailer is put together very well and is laugh out loud funny.

2. Dark Shadows (May 11th)


Tim Burton


Johnny Depp

Michelle Pfeiffer

Eva Green

Helena Bonham Carter

I am always excited to see a Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration no matter what. This one is based on the long running television program about vampire, Barnabas Collins, and his ancestors.

3. Moonrise Kingdom (May 25th)


Wes Anderson


Jared Gilman

Kara Hayward

Bruce Willis

Bill Murray

Wes Anderson is a unique storyteller that never fails to charm me. I hope this story of a pair of lovers who try to escape their town only to have it deploy a search party to find them lives up to his past movies.

4. Prometheus (June 8th)


Ridley Scott


Noomi Rapace

Charlize Theron

Patrick Wilson

Idris Elba

I am a huge fan of the movie Alien. Although I know this is technically not related to that movie, I cannot wait to see what Ridley Scott has done here. Especially after seeing the trailer.

5. Savages (July 6th)


Oliver Stone


Blake Lively

John Travolta

Benicio Del Toro

I am dying for Oliver Stone to return to his former greatness. I hope this movie delivers on that desire.

6. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (June 22nd)


Timur Bekmambetov


Benjamin Walker

Rufus Sewell

Dominic Cooper

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Abraham Lincoln kicking major vampire I really have to say anything else?

7. The Dark Knight Rises (July 20th)


Christopher Nolan


Christian Bale

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Gary Oldman

Michael Caine

The last installment of Christopher Nolan Brilliant Batman reboot.

8. The Bourne Legacy (August 3rd)


Tony Gilroy


Jeremy Renner

Rachel Weisz

Edward Norton

Joan Allen

I enjoyed the first three with Matt Damon, but I am excited about this because of Tony Gilroy and Edward Norton.

9. Argo (September 14th)


Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck

Bryan Cranston

John Goodman

Alan Arkin

I have been impressed by Ben Afflecks' two other forays into the directing world (Gone Baby Gone & The Town). I am eager to see if he can knock it out of the park with Argo.

10. Killing Them Softly (September 21st)


Andrew Dominik


Brad Pitt

Ray Liotta

Richard Jenkins

Scoot McNairy

I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Dominik and Brad Pitt's last movie, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which deserved to be seen by a lot more movie goers then it was. Hopefully this will be just as worthy.


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