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Mozart's Influence On Modern Music

Updated on September 3, 2014

Mozart; Adult Photo

The Old Meets The New

It is a bright, sunny day in California and on this particular day a young, female pop star casually steps into her studio. She is surprised to find an elderly man playing her piano and even more surprised to hear him playing her unreleased hit. She crosses her arms, feeling upset, if not a little violated.

"Who are you? And why are you playing my song?" She demands.

The old man stops playing, turning to her with a warm smile.

"Sorry to interrupt my lady. But what I'm playing is called the Alberti bass, which you borrowed from Domenico Alberti, a harpsichordist from the Classical Period. It gives your beat that light, bouncy feel, does it not? Might I also add, you even use a few techniques from my own work. My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by the way, what's your's?"

Why is Mozart Important?

What I was demonstrating by my story with the pop star and Mozart was that Mozart still influences music today. His work can still be found in modern music, in some cases even Ludacris. It is also important, as with any art form, to learn from the past masters and incorporate their work into your own art, to make something unique and original. Many composers today, including myself, can attest the invaluable work of Mozart.

Mozart In Today's Music

You may be surprised to learn that even as early as 2005 classical pieces have been used in popular music. In 2002 Ludacris used Mozart's "Requiem", 3rd movement, in his song "Coming 2 America". Other examples include "Lacrimosa" from the band Daddy Roach & Gimme in 1997, who also used Mozart's "Requiem". Classical music also made appearances in Vitamin C's song "Graduation (Friends Forever)", who employed Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. And let us not forget Green Day's hit song "Basket Case" in 1994. Green Day also pulled from Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major. Needless to say, I could point out many instances of Mozart in modern music. Also, one thing is absolutely clear, Mozart's work is timeless. He can pull at your very depths with beautiful expressions of emotion put into sound. Even those with no knowledge of classical music know the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And that my friends is why Mozart can take any musician, anytime, anywhere.

A Final Word

In conclusion, as further proof of Mozart's broad influence, I'll leave you with a quote from Falco. Falco is an Australian rocker who released his hit "Rock me Amadeus" in 1985.

"He was a genius from the day of his birth. With a bottle of wine in one hand and a woman in the other. His mind was on rock n roll and having fun. Because he lived so fast he had to die young (at age 35). But he made his mark in history, still everybody says; Rock me Amadeus!"



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      Student 12 months ago

      Falco is Austrian... not Australian.

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      mozart 24 months ago

      I'm back

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