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Mr. Popper's Penguins - A movie to delight

Updated on June 23, 2011

Mr Popper's Penguins

Fun movie for the entire family

A movie that will delight the whole family and is filled with comedy, hi-jinx, family issues, the New York skyline and penguins is Mr. Popper's Penguins. It is Jim Carrey's newest movie out in the theatres and it is a real treat. I brought my son and mother-in-law to see it on Father's day weekend and we had a wonderful time. Jim Carrey is the perfect choice for the role as he is a comedic genius and he has you laughing at every turn and it is hard to hold your own when you're upstaged by penguins. He pulls it off in grand style and once again proves he is the "king of comedy" for our generation.

The movie starts with a young boy anxiously awaiting in his bedroom for communication from his dad who is away exploring the world and his only way of bonding with him is by radio communication. Each time he hears from his dad he is on a new adventure and he has very limited contact with him. The boy is comforted by his mom who tucks him in to bed and signs off on the radio transmission from dad. It is a classic theme where the son does not really get to know his dad because he is away so long.

We then enter into Mr. Popper's world where the boy is now a man, a father of two and is separated. He lives in a fancy penthouse apartment in New York City and he works with a lovely young woman assistant for a prestigious firm where he is anticipating a promotion and is the top at his game in convincing wealthy individuals to sell by playing hardball with them.

The movie does not take the same story line as the children's book, Mr. Popper's Penguins but it is inspired by the book which was written by Richard and Florence Atwater and published in 1938.

Mr. Popper learns of his father's passing and is notified that he will be receiving a package that will be delivered to his residence. When he opens it he finds a penguin which he originally mistakes for an artificial one which he places on a table. Within moments he soon discovers that it is a real penguin and he is caught by surprise. He has to prepare for a very important business appointment so he places the penguin in the bath tub with ice cubes and rushes out to meet the owner of the Tavern on the Green restaurant, Mrs Van Gundy, played by the ageless Angela Lansbury, to propose a sales pitch. Mr. Popper is not keen on having his new house guest stay especially after the penguin floods the place, He seeks the proper agency to take him away but is turned down by each and every one of them.

He receives another package which he believes is from the zoo to pack the penguin in but to his surprise after placing him in it he finds several penguins running around his apartment and is now overwhelmed by penguins. He is expecting his children over to celebrate his son's birthday but is not ready for their visit as he has a home full of penguins to contend with. When the children and his former wife come to visit he tries all he can to keep them away but it is futile as they hear the penguins and instantly fall in love with them. They believe it is the son's present and they immediately are drawn to them. When the zookeeper arrives the father speaks with him outside the doorway and the children over hear their conversation and ask their dad if the penguins will be taken away and he reassures them that they will stay with him. The children are delighted and so is their mom.

Now Mr. Popper has a home full of penguins and he is trying to make the best of the situation, please his bosses and keep his sanity as well as please his children, patch things up with his former wife and take care of these unexpected visitors who he grows to love as he has names for each of them; Captain, Loudey, Bitey, Nimrod, Stinky and Lovey.

The penguins seem at home in their new surroundings and are transfixed by old Charlie Chaplin movies which tend to keep them at bay and huddled together. The most hilarious scenes are when the penguins escape outside the apartment and find their way to the Guggenheim museum where Mr. Popper is trying to seal the deal with Mrs Van Gundy. What happens next is a hilarious fun-fest of mayhem when the penguins manage to wind their way through streaming water knocking over guests in their path and causing absolute chaos.

The most touching scenes in the movie are the times when Mr. Popper bonds with his children at his apartment which is made into a winter wonderland to accommodate his penguin friends. Seeing tiny baby penguins hatch from eggs really were the pure joy of the movie and the heartfelt loss was when one of the eggs was not to hatch as the others had.

Another tender moment in the film was when his daughter tried on a beautiful dress and he realized she was now a young lady and so beautiful. He suddenly realized how he had missed out on getting to really know his children. When Mr. Popper lost the egg he felt it was best that the penguins go to the zoo and he would explain to his family that he felt that was best but they were very disappointed and he had to win them back and rescue his penguin friends from the zookeeper who has other plans for them.

He knows what he has to do and with the help of his family, a letter from his dad and his assistant by his side he is able to rescue his penguin friends and seal the deal for the restaurant which he keeps as he remembered it as a young boy when he went with both his mom and dad. He also invites his family on a long trip where they release the penguins to their natural habitat in the icy cold Antarctic.

The movie was very touching and very funny all at the same time and I enjoyed watching it with my son and was happy to hear him laugh and cheer throughout the movie. My mother-in-law really enjoyed it too. I am a Jim Carrey fan and am always glad to see him in a movie where he is tested and does a fine job. I believe some of the critics out there don't know a good movie when they see one as according to some of them they were not impressed. I don't go by what they say. I go by what I feel and I really enjoyed this film with my son and I recommend it highly. It is a delightful family movie to see and if you are a Jim Carrey fan then you should see it.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins - Guggenheim

Mr. Popper's Penguins


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    • ediann profile image

      ediann 6 years ago

      Yes, Pretty you should go see this film with your boyfriend! I am sure you both will enjoy it!

    • prettynutjob30 profile image

      Mary 6 years ago from From the land of Chocolate Chips,and all other things sweet.

      I was telling my boyfriend the other day how much I want to see this movie very good hub.