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Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet, a Documentary Film Review

Updated on March 14, 2012

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet is a very detailed documentary that introduces Muhammad and Islam to non Muslims viewers and provides relevance on the teaching of Muhammad and the Quran for modern-day Muslims. It intertwined the highlights of Muhammad’s life and the social dilemmas that Mecca and the whole of Arabia was experiencing during those times and relate them to contemporary social problems. For Kevin James, A New York Fire Department Marshall, he believes that the way he glorifies Allah is through serving others. Of putting other’s ahead of self. Since the Quran and Mohammad teach that to be able to serve Allah, you have to serve one another, Kevin James believe that his being a fireman is a calling because he puts himself in harm’s way to help save lives.

Another teaching of Muhammad is to correct the injustices that people today see, that they must raise their voice and fight these injustices and not turn their eyes away. Jameel Johnson, a staff of a congressman believes that it is his responsibility as a Muslim to try to persuade his congressman and let it known to him or propose how these injustices could be faced through legislations and bills. A third teaching of Muhammad is to take care of women and children. During the time of Muhammad, Mecca treated their women as possession, as second-class citizen. Muhammad then instructed his followers that women should be treated with respect giving them the same privileges and opportunities as the men. Furthermore, during a siege in Medina where hundreds of Muslim men died protecting their family and faith, Muhammad instructed Muslim men that if a man can treat four wives equally and provide for them, then he is allowed to take as many as four wives. The underlying principle here is to protect the widows and the orphans. After all, it is the responsibility of the Muslims to care for the oppressed, to the sick, the women, children, and orphaned. It was under this same principle that parents Allie and Najah Bazzy discourage their daughter Nadia from wearing the hijab—the ‘veil’ that the wives of Muhammad wore as a sign of modesty and piety. Though it is a customary practice for women to wear it, Najah is wearing one herself; there is still a concern in both their parts about the safety of their daughter. There is a part of them that wanted to protect their daughter from discrimination and trying to let her see the bigger picture, that she should not be concerned about his father but that she should be doing it for herself and for her faith. It was also through this same principle of helping the underprivileged that the local Detroit Muslim community hold soup kitchen as their way of helping the oppressed and underprivileged while at the same time teaching the young Muslims about the doctrines of Muhammad.

In terms of art and architecture, Architecture in a sense is a communal effort especially on the building of a mosque. Every Muslim would do their small part in helping pay for the finances needed for the building. Another way that Islamic art was introduced was after the September 11 terrorist attack in New York. It was a time when Islam and Muslim were on the limelight. Where Americans were curious about Islam and its teachings; and the way that Muslims in America responded to that was through art form. It was through art that they express their contempt on the attack and that suicide bombing, terrorist activities, and the killing of the innocent have no place in Islam. Islam is ‘soft’ it is about peace and never about war.


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    • LailaK profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I am enthralled by your hub! Never knew the exact purpose of men being able to marry four women, but now my confusion is cleared! Voted up :)


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