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"Muppets From Space" Movie Review

Updated on July 14, 2014

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The story is an okay one. It gives some perspective on what Gonzo is exactly. It's rumored that Jim Henson didn't know what Gonzo was even, so they'd joke behind the scenes that Gonzo was an alien.

Movie Rating

2 stars for Muppets From Space

The Storyline

"Muppets From Space" is mainly about Gonzo. The Muppets have taken up residence in a house together. Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat are roommates in the house. Gonzo starts wondering what he is, where he came from, and where his family is. He voices his concerns to Rizzo and Kermit, both of whom aren't concerned about it. Gonzo has a dream of cosmic fish that tell him he is an alien and his alien family are searching for him and are finally coming to Earth.

Gonzo ends up getting the attention of the government who want to do testing on him since he claims to be an alien. Some of the Muppets band together to save him from the testing including Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Pepe, Rizzo, and Animal. If they are able to will Gonzo be able to reunite with his family or has he been imagining everything?

The story is an okay one. It gives some perspective on what Gonzo is exactly. It's rumored that Jim Henson didn't know what Gonzo was even, so they'd joke behind the scenes that Gonzo was an alien. The jokes seemed like they were really low brow for a Muppet movie and were trying too hard to be entertaining to a 90's audience. Most of the other earlier Muppet movies were made in the 80's and if you look at the clothes you can tell, but they never resort to using the 80's pop culture for jokes really. Sadly this Muppet movie falls for the pop culture jokes trap. It makes plenty of 90's pop culture jokes. The worst is probably the "Dawson's Creek" joke. One of the other bad jokes is Rizzo the rat has a poster of what looks like the Spice Girls only they're Muppet Mice called Mice Girls. The jokes could have been so much better.

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"Muppets From Space" Music

The music is one word: unoriginal. Most Muppet movies have their own, original songs. This movie doesn't go for that approach. Instead the viewer gets to listen to classic rock or soul songs mostly from the seventies. It's okay and funny in some parts but I still wish they could have went for original songs. When Gonzo's family shows up it would have been nice for there to have been an original song instead of Celebrate.

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"Muppets From Space" Characters

Most of the original main cast of Muppets are in this movie along with a few new Muppets like Pepe the king prawn. I felt that the Electric Mayhem aren't shown nearly enough and it's weird that they separated Animal from the rest of the band since he usually is always with the band.

The cameos are a little distracting in this movie too. It's always been a Muppet thing to have plenty of cameos but in this the cameos are just irritating in some instances and were mostly forgettable actors of the 90's. I wish there could have been cameos that fit better into the plot. The jokes also seemed to revolve on needing knowledge of the cameos and who they were and what movies they'd been in. Most younger audiences would have no clue about a few of the cameos. The Dawson's Creek joke was really the worst case scenario of this. I remember seeing the movie when I was a little kid for the first time and not understanding that scene at all. I was too young to have watched Dawson's Creek and I only figured out what Dawson's Creek was a few years ago when I saw Shane Dawson (the Youtube guy) spoof Dawson's Creek and I looked up what the show was. I was born in 1993, so yeah. Dawson's Creek was before my time. At the time none of the adults in my life knew what Dawson's Creek was either. Now when I see that scene I think oh it's Rachel from "Batman Begins" and the guy in "The Mighty Ducks", so a whole new generation can see the scene in a completely different way now.

Is This A Good Movie?

No, it isn't really a good movie. It's okay. I'd say if you're a fan of 90's movies this might be a good movie to see. If you're a heavy duty Muppet fan you might like it, but you might not. It's not particularly Muppet esque. Sadly, this may have been the movie that began the decline in quality of the Muppet movies until the new "The Muppets" movie came out and focused on recreating the fresh kind of witty and musical humor the Muppets were all about in their show and earlier movies. This is a real shame because the idea of this movie is really good but seemed to have been ruined by lazy people. Gonzo is even one of my favorite Muppets so that makes this even worse that they couldn't give his story justice.

Who Will Enjoy This Movie?

If you're a big fan of 90's movies and possibly anything Muppet related you might like this movie. I don't think kids will like this that much. There's some jokes little kids might like but not that many. The non 90's pop culture jokes might still be seen as funny to children and adults alike. When I saw this as a kid the joke I liked the most is when Pepe and Rizzo talk through the fan while Gonzo is asleep and tell him they are his family and that they will only come see him if he builds them a hot tub, so little kids can like the jokes like that that are sticking to the Muppet kind of humor.

If you like movies like "Space Jam", "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", "Flubber", and "Casper" you might like this movie.

"Muppets From Space" Trailer

Muppets From Space


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      Cc 3 years ago

      Agree with this! This one was simply not that good!