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Murder on the Orient Express

Updated on November 23, 2017
4 stars for Murder on the Orient Express
Love this poster. Wish I still worked in a theaters, so I could get one.
Love this poster. Wish I still worked in a theaters, so I could get one.

One thing this movie doesn't lack is both the cinematography and visuals. The cgi, the beautiful production design, and art design is something to be studied. If you're a fan of great looking films, this movie would suit your needs. Now, by saying that, the movie isn't perfect. It's better than most have said and I do think it is a useful remake. This is true because of the stellar cast that never forgets their jobs. The impressive cast, that's put together quite confusingly on how they were able to pull it off, does a good job at being each character. From greats like johnny depp to underrated actors like josh gad, are assembled for this really great acted film. Most films, that have this assembly of big name actors, usually have problems of actors stepping on each other's toes too much. However, each actor stays true to their character and never over does it. One of the few movies I've seen where there's not an okay performance, and all of them did a really good job. Even newcomers like Daisy Ridley were good.

The reveal was spoiled to me in one of my many film classes, but it still was fun to watch the puzzle unfold. However, the reveal was done in an area where there is one huge plothole. Not really a spoiler on who did it but I'm going to warn tell what happens after the reveal. Again, not a huge spoiler but skip down to the next paragraph if you don't want it to get it spoiled. The reveal of the culprit was done in an area where many people could see and Poirot (main detective) just let's the person go. Let's them go where people around them would have said something to the police. It isn't a nick pick as the ending short of relies on the weight of a huge plot hole in the film.

Murder on the orient express did impress me because it did feel like a needed remake. I haven't seen the original, but this new fresh take is good for people who have no idea what the outcome of the movie is. Also, the beauty of the film helps with that aspect as well. I think this was a worthily remake that doesn't try and do something extraordinary and push the boundaries of film, but is a solid murder mystery film that gives you alll the clues and tells you to solve it yourself before the movie tells you.

Overall, I think it was solid. Not the best ending and not the best murder mystery film out there. However, this period piece does great at setting up it characters, which sometimes do get lost because of the amount of them but is helped by the famous actors in identifying them, and executing the main plot around them. It was fun to watch each character interviewed and torn apart by our lead detective. If you like great directing, visuals, cinematography, stellar acting, and a decent murder mystery, I can't tell you to skip the film. Not the best of its kind, but there's worse ways of spending your money on a film **cough** bad moms **cough**.


So, I don't get flagged for copping and pasting my own review from a different website, I would like to add that if you already know the ending, have seen the original, and don't really care about update visuals, I wouldnt recommend it. However, the acting is still good, so I would recommend it if you're into that.

So many good actors that got assembled for this film. Bravo.
So many good actors that got assembled for this film. Bravo.

Were you the ones that liked it or were you the ones that didn't.

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