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Murphy's Law 3 (with a twist)

Updated on October 29, 2011

Hello again, this Murphy’s Law may offer you the opportunity to think less of me but I assure you that the all parties involved in this story were not hurt… well perhaps maybe their pride a little… so sit back, put down any drinks or food you have and laugh your *** off!

It is early afternoon and I’m headed into work. Quick description of where I am; a popular road, but not the main drag, on the left side is a small open plot of land with a side walk on it. The side walk does not last however, at the bottom of the moderate sized hill it joins with the road and leads you into town. So many people like to walk, jog, sometimes ride a bike through this land and perhaps forget that they sidewalk meets the road at the bottom of the hill.

This middle aged guy, on a bike on top of the hill… he is a bigger guy and built in the shoulders and arms… looks like a bouncer at a bar… bald, sun is shining off of his head and to top it off (I don’t know which is better) he is wearing sunglasses but not just any sunglass small round ones like the ones they wore in the 70’s…. and his bike looks a bit too small for him. But hey we do have to give him credit for being out there in the chill of the fall on a bike way to small…

So whether or not her was trying to be cool or he was just lost in the moment I am not sure, but he goes flying down the hill and as he approaches the bottom he sees the car not to far away… out of panic I think he jerks the bike towards the extremely over grown roughage alongside the road (part of a going green thing the town is doing I think :/ ). Doing this jerking motion with a bike that is proper fit for the rider can cause a crash but apparently in this situation, and perhaps a good size rock blocking the tire’s way this man did a full flip into the roughage, landing flat on his back…. AND he was still in riding position…

Just in case you didn’t get that… he is lying on his back, hands still clasping to the handle bars, feet still on the pedals, and the wheels are even still turning…

As I sit in my car behind another car… his stunt has momentarily stopped traffic for gawkers like me to laugh till they have to pee…. So yes I was laughing my butt off… and if this wasn’t enough the man gets up and gives a look like “what? I meant to do that!” peddles away grinning…

All awhile his little round hippie sunglasses are still on his head….


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