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Music Advice For Rap Artists

Updated on December 16, 2013

Music Advice That Counts

I've seen many talented rappers over the years that had potential to make it in music industry, but because they lacked knowledge, resources, guidance and a strong networking system, they failed.

You don't have to suffer the same faith especially in this day in time where knowledge is so accessible via the internet.

To help all you up and coming rap artists I have provided a list of 5 things that will help you towards becoming successful in the music industry. Your job is not only to apply it but seek out ways you can gain more knowledge about what steps you can take to have more success as an up and coming hip hop artist.

1) Have An Effective Plan

This may seem obvious but I rarely meet artists that have a plan. Keep in mind that this doesn't have to be a labyrinthine plan, just something that outlines your short term music career goals and how you're going to achieve them. Your plan should also include a budget for studio time, equipment (If needed), instrumentals, travel money, promo etc.

Without a budget you will be spending money unnecessarily; especially on things that are not related to music. So it's important that you set a budget and stick with it, staying on course can lead you to having tremendous success.

2) Set Up Social Media Platforms

We now live in an age where every one is connecting online through social media and if you want to succeed as a rap artist setting up your own social media profiles are a must.

There is one thing you have to keep in mind though and that is you shouldn't go opening accounts for all the social media profiles out there. Not every social media platforms will work well for you as an artist.

And you also have to remember that your only one person and opening all these accounts and trying to maintain it with fresh content on a frequent basis can become burdensome.

you want to have social media pages on platforms where your core fans frequently visits so it's easy for you to communicate your message to them all at once, in a single setting. I suggest you set up accounts with Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and you can choose between either Tumblr or Pinterest. I find that flickr is the thing of the past. Set up all these profiles as a way to promote your music, connect with your fans, and network with like minded individuals.

3) Promotion and Advertising

This key is very critical to your success as a rap artist. If you create music and don't promote or advertise it correctly it will fall by the way side. You must ensure that you promote your music the right way in order to ensure maximum results.

Ineffective marketing and promotion is going on twitter or Facebook and spamming your music link to your followers. That will lead to your followers first leaving you a nasty comment, then un-following you. I'm telling you this because I've witness it happen many times.

Effective marketing and promotion is engaging your follows to the point that creates excitement within them to buy whatever you are selling them. You not only want to do this once, but over and over again for the span of you music career. It all starts with effective communication, not bombarding them with links.

4) Continuous Education

This is an important aspect that you have to make sure you keep up with. As time progresses the industry will change and if you're not aware of these new changes you will get left behind. What i always suggest for independent rappers to do is seek music advice from mentors who have had and continue to have success in the music industry. They will help keep you abreast to what's going on so you can avoid the many pitfalls new rappers fall into.

I also suggest you read up on books that pertain to Music Marketing, branding, distribution, and networking. All this will help you push your music in the right direction and give it the awareness it needs to bring you to the top. And it wouldn't hurt if you went to music seminars...something I will address in my fifth point.


5) Networking and Building Relationships

Last but not least. This by far is probably the best advice for hip hop artists, and that's to network with people within the music industry. I know of up and coming rap artists who are very talented, do shows and even get radio spin, but haven't become greatly known because they do not network enough.

The point of networking is so you can get out of your shell. it's so you can go out and meet like minded individuals. Successful people hang around other successful people, once you are around successful artists, managers, and execs, you will be inspired to become the same. it's only natural.

You have to get out there and connect with people who can help further your music career, and continue to give you advice that you can apply and further build your career. Start by connecting with the producers and engineers at the recording studios you visit. Then hit up a few music conferences and seminars.

They are filled with managers, A&R's, publishers and the like. Even at performances you can find a few music industry professions willing to connect with artist and give them solid music advice.

So there you have it. These five keys are great advice for rap artists on the come up. Stick with them, learn then, and apply them in order to become hip hop artist with a long career.


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