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Are you a Music Lover? Here're some Music Apps You Have to Get

Updated on June 4, 2016
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Top Music Apps you have to get

Music is what makes a normal moment a huge dance party. It can be on your own while doing laundry or with multiple friends having a chill afternoon. Music just gets us flowing, moving and having a great time in no time.

Thanks to the new technological advancements and the era of music that we live in, we get to listen to awesome artists at any given moment with ease from our phones. Like right now I'm listening to The Civil Wars on min, big fan of them.

Its things like that and being able to do that which makes our lives more enjoyable and more filled with epic moments. I always listen to music and need to get to my music library as quickly as possible. When I'm working out, at work, playing a good match in a video game or just doing house chores, everything becomes so exciting and emotion filled when I have my music playing in the background.

This is mostly thanks to a couple amazing applications that anyone can download right now and enjoy. These apps have huge music libraries, selections, beautiful and easy to use interfaces. So here they are the best applications to have if you are a dedicated music fan that needs their own special mix every day.

1. Spotify:

A free service which can turn into a premium one, Spotify is a massive application with thousands of playlists to choose from. Their core mechanic is playing all the songs on shuffle, always surprising you with a tune you might have heard or new music you can't stop repeating. Their playlists can be created by the developers themselves or by people using the app. These also range absolutely every topic, theme and country.

There are playlists for dancing alone, singing in the shower, going for a Sunday drive and even having some ice cream, all with their unique selection of songs. It's a nice app and even though it has ads, you usually ignore them for the short amount of time that they play and continue on with your party.

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2. Rdio:

A beautiful app with a huge variety. Their engine to find new music, fixes up stations to your liking and has songs for everything and everyone as well. It may not have some exclusive content but it is a must-have app with its different way of working things and the power of choice it gives you is wider than most apps. Its free but can also be upgraded for premium service for offline playback.

3. Pandora:

A fan favorite for many, Pandora lets you select artists and their songs and let you listen on for as much as you like. You can also select to not listen to some artists which the app will make sure to get out of the music selection. It's free and has a couple ads here and there but also offers a premium subscription so you can get rid of the ads.

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Music and Apps

The perfect Blend for today's music lovers life style. If you love music and you want to connect with that rewarding part of you that melodies represent, Music Apps will make it happen for you.

4. Soundcloud:

One of the bigger communities in music, Soundcloud focuses on all listeners being able to upload their own material and listen to anything for free. Artists, remixes and original soundtracks are available far and wide, letting tracks carry out and get their well deserved fame in a friendly environment. This app seems to revolve more around the electro and dubstep genres but it's all so great and rhythm filled, it is impossible not to enjoy the vast selection to choose from in this library produced by the listeners themselves.

5. iTunes Radio:

A big competitor and popular app, it can be found in any iPhone or iPad. Make stations to your desires; listen to distinct genre ones that have all the music you could ever imagine or listen to mixes and playlists other people have made. It has some ads here and there that can be taken off with a subscription to iTunes Match but they're not really bothersome. All songs have their prices up on the top in case you want to buy it to listen to on later offline.

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Image courtesy of web | Source

6. Songza:

One of my favorites for sure, Songza has a perfect balance other apps still can't manage to achieve. No limits like the other apps but it has a great selection system for decades, genres and artists that is impossible not to love. I use this app when I want something quick and likable without much thought put into it since Songza has already mastered the act of placing songs and playlists so they can all transition perfectly. It is a free app and has many of the songs offered in previous apps.

Welcome to Songza 3.0

7. TuneIn Radio:

The people in charge of managing the live radio stations are doing an amazing job for this application. Filled with streams on just about anything that could interest you, TuneIn Radio has many different selections and categories to choose from all playing in real time. Sports, talk shows, music, events, news and more come with this app, always keeping you posted on new things and letting you tune in to what you really want to hear. It's free and I highly suggest you use it for long drives and chill afternoons alone at home.

8. iHeart Radio:

Much like TuneIn radio, iHeart Radio offers many streaming radio stations to choose from, divided by name, mood or category. A totally free app, I can't believe I didn't know about this app for so long. AM and FM stations available at all times with anything you could listen to, it's a great app that I encourage all to get and use.

9. Musixmatch:

Imagine having all the oldies and new singles in one package with all the lyrics right next to them for full karaoke sessions made easy for you and your friends. I think the best thing about Musixmatch has to be how easy it is to find any song I heard little bits and pieces off. Being able to search by lyrics, they quickly give you a big list of all the possible songs you could have heard depending on the lyrics given. It's free and I can't believe it is as it really has become a truly amazing application I will never get rid of.

10. Quello Concerts:

If you wanted to see your favorite band perform your favorite song but couldn't because of how far away from home the concert was, this app has you covered. Offering the full concert, documentaries and interviews, this app will let you sit back and enjoy all the action from your couch at home. I watch and listen to about 3 concerts every day and don't use up a dime in gas! I love this app and how it's free too.

These apps make my life more enjoyable, easy and beat pounding, always there for me to access their libraries and enjoy the huge selection provided. I don't think I'll ever be able to delete them from my phone, and if I do it will only be a matter of minutes before I get it back.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


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