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Music Artists Most Frequently Found In Crossword Puzzles

Updated on September 5, 2020

Adele Has Enough Vowels To Appear Regularly In Crossword Puzzles


As he continues to make music news, he is growing close to having a regular appearance in daily crosswords. Up until Sean Ono Lennon gained some renown for his recording or producing, his parents have been the family members most frequently in the newspaper grid.

His mother Yoko could have been the answer to various clues, such as Beatle wife or Lennon's lady or maker of avant garde Japanese art. Dad, the rock legend John Lennon, most often has been used as the answer to a clue like Beatle middle name.

The son's latest project has him working as the producer on the new release by the band the Temples, which is called “Paraphernalia.” According to the promo for the track, in it the group is questioning the depth of real connections in the digital world.

As the single climbs the charts, the Temples will likely become a household name. Two thirds of the producer's name have already been famous names since the Sixties, but he may grow well-known enough to earn a regular appearance in crossword puzzles.

When he does, Sean Ono Lennon will join other music artists who are frequently found in crosswords.

Here are fifteen of them.

1. Arlo

Clues usually involve something like “Woody's Son” or “Folk singer Guthrie” or Alice's Restaurant performer.

2. Adele

“One-named Grammy winner” describes this puzzle answer, along with “21 or 25 album maker” or “Hello” singer

3. Ochs

Although sometimes puzzle makers use New York Times publisher Adolph as the first name for this answer, sometimes they provide “Protest singer” or “Folk music's Phil.”

4. Eno

“Brian of rock” is a common clue for this name, although millenial puzzlemakers might substitute Jim of the indie band Spoon.

5. Edie

Gorme is the last name of the famous singer, who is often included as “Musical Partner of Steve Lawrence.”

6. Piaf

Solvers have likely seen this name hinted at by “French Cabaret Legend” or Chanteuse Edith.”

7. Ira

This Gershwin brother could be defined as just that or as “George's brother.”


“Writer of Stars and Stripes” or “Legendary march composer” are just two of the clues for John Philip.

9. ELO

The Electric Light Orchestra provides numerous possibilities, such as “Xanadu Band” or “Evil Woman group.”

10. REM

“Losing My Religion hit artists” or “Athens, GA rockers” are hints for this alternative group.

11. Asia

Mostly puzzle creators identify it as the largest continent, but occasionally they will substitute “Heat of the Moment quartet” or “Early Eighties super group.”

12. Foo

This clue refers to Dave Grohl's outfit, described as “My Hero band” or simply “______ Fighters.”

13. AC/DC

“Australian Hard Rockers” or “Angus Young band” help you to fill in these four blanks on the grid.

14. Dre

This rapper is usually regarded as “Dr. of music” or “Beats Electronics Founder.”

15. Sade

“Smooth Operator singer” is the most common clue given for this soft-rock artist.


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