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Volume 1: Music Edition

Updated on March 22, 2016
Steven Michael H profile image

Ever since early on in Earlysville, VA, creating my own words was it. I began writing in grade school but became dedicated during college.


There he sat, top of the world. Once an innocent kid all of 19 and thinking the U.S army was his world ticket, now a world icon and rock god. In his garden, he enjoyed tea and some soothing morning licks. His girlfriend and he enjoyed a peaceful, yet cloudy morning. An almost perfect morning still had some gray. Just a few short hours later, James Hendrix, 27, was dead of a drug overdose. A legacy now etched in blues and rock and roll stone, he was still a new face around that time. People still were just getting to know him just like Jim Morrison or the work of Janis Joplin. Just two years later, Jimi Hendrix's music made possibly it's biggest influence on a young Wisconsin kid, Stephen Ray Vaughan.
It is just under 25 years after his tragic and untimely death along with three of Eric Clapton's band mates. The guitar and sloppy rock wizard now inspires a new generation. However there was a time when Vaughan was just starting out in the footsteps of B.B King, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Wonder and many other funk and blues rockers. Before Double Trouble, his self-made band made their giant, worldwide debut in 1983, he had quite a road to stardom. On that road he would continue forward to fortune, vast amounts of fame and would impress names like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Albert King and the blues rock band ZZ Top. He would also see darker times under the influence of drug abuse. Before he left this earth, he would be able to defeat that however. After that point many believe he lived out his life until death a satisfied soul.
He was a true advocate for what he believed in and his career efforts supported that. His work is a lot like the Mark Twain quote "that the author shall use the right word; not it's second cousin." Stevie stood for originality, he lived genuine and was here and now missed, but not forgotten. His legacy is beyond one of a kind.


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