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Music In Review, with Chill Dan: Pt 1

Updated on July 29, 2014

On The Review Process

So you might be asking yourself: Why do I care what this guy thinks of some musician I've never heard of?

Well you might find my opinion has some slight value, because of my method. I listen to each piece blind -- not literally of course -- but in the sense that I don't know the artists name, don't see the video, or even know the genre before it hits me.

So what you get is a pure and honest review with as little preconception as possible. I might review someone famous, or I might someone brand new, and you can be one of the first people to listen along with me.

UnConquered Sun by Susan Muranty

Rating: 5/5 Stars. Wow! This has a stirring drum rhythm, it sets a good pace for a slow and soothing song. The lyrics are smart, and the singer has a beautiful, almost ghostly sounding voice.

The overall vibe one gets from the song is a folksy mysterious Celtic feel. Strong use of violin and hints of either piano or harp. The lyrics are clever too. The song goes at a nice soothing tempo. Let's hope to hear more from this artist!

5 stars for UnConquered Sun
The video is good too, clever use of transitions are a smart addition to the already top notch music.
The video is good too, clever use of transitions are a smart addition to the already top notch music. | Source

Hey Girl by Ray Ramon

Rating: 4/5, very good! The male vocalist has a crisp clear and well projecting voice. He'd be great in concert. The supporting syth melody and beat makes for a good pairing. This would be at home in a down temp club scene too. The female singer is equally striking, and they complement each other well.

The only flaw is that the song has somewhat generic lyrics. They can do better with an exeptional sound like that. Still very enjoyable though.

You Didn't Say Goodbye by Kiki Sire

Rating: 3.5/5 Pretty good! The lead singer has a rich voice, with a charming Spanish accent. The romantic lyrics are well thought out, and tell a story. The melody and rhythm set a slower pace. Definatly something a woman might enjoy listening to in the bath, very relaxing.

The guitar frames the peice well without getting in the way or trying to compete with the lyrics. Overall a well done peice.

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