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Music In Review, with Chill Dan: Pt 2

Updated on March 10, 2015

Curious about how these reviews are done blind? Check out the full explanation in Pt. 1

A rich unique new sound. 5/5

5 stars for S.Y.B.G. by Dietrich Jon

"Lions" by Deitrich Jon

S.Y.B.G. by Dietrich Jon

HOT HOT HOT! 5/5 Quick pacing, and without a doubt this band has a unique sound that that is still very accessible. Deep percussion, an apt singer, unconventional use of plucked strings and violin makes it a pleasure to listen to. This has the potential to go platinum, it's a rich sound that almost anybody could get into. This is the sort of thing you might feel compelled to share with friends.

Today's best song goes to S.Y.B.G. by Dietrich Jon, but alas the song isn't anywhere to be found on YouTube. That said, we did mange to find a single song – featured right – by this awesome but obscure band. To listen to the song directly mentioned in the review you'll have to check out their site directly if you're so inclined. -- But don't forget to check out the other bands first...

Year 3000 - Busted / McBusted [Official Togun Vocal Edition Cover] -- Review

A fun, novel song! 4.5/5 This ought to be a new sound experience for most, it sounds like a barber shop quartet, mixed with beat boxing from rap, however the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The lyrics are fun and a little silly. Considering how much of music these days relies upon synth, it's refreshing to hear something that's composed exclusively of the human voice --if it isn't then the artist had me fooled-- and I have nothing bad to say about this, fantastic!

-- note this is a blind review, and was written before it was identified as a cover, credit for the lyrics goes to the original band the Jonas Brothers.

Apologies by Jonathan Peyper -- Review

Not bad at all! 3.5/5 It's got a good sit and sway vibe. The bass guitar in us is deftly maneuvered, and really rounds the whole song out. It could have been better if some of the lyrics lined up a bit differently, there some parts that felt that as though they should rhyme, or could have but didn't. However, the singer has a top-notch voice that does mesh well with this type of music. If you like blues with a grunge edge you'll probably be into this.

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