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Music In Society

Updated on March 25, 2016

Below Is a list of places were you may hear music, some of the places below you go there to listen to the music (Primary Focus) some of the places you are forced to listen to it (Passive) and some of the others its supporting something else. I have made a key to help you know which one is which.

Primary Focus
Choose to Listen
No Choice
Supporting Something Else

1 =Clubs

Other than drinking, the primary function of a club is for people to socialize and listen to music.

2 = Buses

People don’t go on the bus to purposely listen to music. But how many times have you been on a bus and heard music blaring out of people’s headphones?

123 =TV

Tv is a bit of a tricky one, there are music channels were you would go on to purposely listen to music, there are adverts were music is been played in the background, which you didn’t choose to listen to, and there’s music to create emotion or fear in films.

1 =Radio

The idea of a radio is to listen to music.

2 = Shops

Shops play music to make you enjoy the experience more and make you want to stay longer, but you don’t choose to listen to the music that is on its just there.

2 = Lifts

There are allot of people that have a fear of lifts, music is played to help calm these people. But you do not choose to listen to it.

123 = Internet

Again like TV, Internet is all 3. You may choose to listen to music on the Internet, it may just pop up on something, or it may be supporting a game or a video.

2 = Public Places

Like a bus, there’s countless people walking down the street with music blaring out there headphones weather you like it or not.

1 = Theatres

Specifically music theatres, the purpose is for music, that’s the reason it’s the primary function.

13 = Cinemas

Cinemas are another tricky one, if you are watching a music film the primary function is them music. Most of the time the music is supporting the film.

12 = Pubs

Some people go to pubs to see live bands play, some people go just for a drink and to socialize but music is being played in the background.


This depends on the festival, if it’s a music festival the primary focus is the music. If it’s a monster truck festival or art festival etc the music’s there to support what ever is going on.

13 = Stadiums

Again if there’s a band playing at the stadium, music’s going to be the primary focus. If its something like a football match people chant and sing to provoke the other team and support there own team.

1 = Gigs

Obviously the main function of a gig is the music.

3 = Church

Music in churches is used to support their religion. Hymns are usually sung at churches as a way to talk to god.

12 =Phones

Some people use their phone to listen to music; most people have a song as there ring tone so they know there phones ringing. Some people are annoying and have music on full blast out of their phone speakers and people are being forced to listen to it.

2 = Restaurants

Music is usually played in restaurants to help create a theme. For e.g. in an Indian restaurant they play traditional Indian music, to make you feel as if you are in India while you eat your Indian food.

123 = Colleges

College is all 3. College is a very creative place, there are all kinds of courses, music student’s primary focus is music, Film courses primary focus is film but they may use music to support their creations. Other courses can usually here the music students playing.

23 =Waiting Rooms

You may have to listen to music from the persons headphones next to you, or the waiting room maybe playing music to help you relax or to pass the time.

23 = Cars

A lot of people play music while in their cars, other people may have to suffer from this. But the main reason for a car stereo is to have something playing to help pass the time of the journey.

23 = Sports

Music might be playing at sporting events; most of the time music is used as a motivation tool.

123 =Parties

Some people go to parties to listen to music, some parties just have music playing but your just interested in getting drunk, some parties people want to dance so music is being played for that reason.

12 =Home

You may choose to listen to music at home, or a family member may have there stereo on in the next room.

123 = Theme Parks

Theme Parks are all 3, some theme parks have bands playing. Some theme parks have music playing as you go around, some of the rides have music playing to help create an atmosphere.

23 = Gym

Music in a gym is used again as a motivational tool, you may not choose to listen to this music.

1 = Music Shops

The primary function of a music shop is obviously the music. You want to listen to the music so you know what you are going to be buying.

Music and Emotion

People often use music to enhance or intensify their mood or to change their mood direction.

People value music because of the emotion that it erupts. Musicians usually like to influence their audience through emotional communication. Music is the most powerful form of sound that effects people’s emotions. Some people believe that listening to artists such as Mozart, can help with mental tasks. Some people listen to music while doing their School/College essays as it helps to keep them calm and focused. A noisy classroom can drop your concentration and productivity by masses.

Outside sounds can be very stressful, how many times have you walked up a street and every ones talking, and its just one big annoying sound? This can really deteriate your health, as stress is never good. If you put your music on, the outside world goes away, its like you’re the only person around, you feel relaxed and free. You end up finishing your day happy and less mentally drained

There was a documentary on You Tube which really shows how powerful music can be to peoples emotions. The video was a documentary, which was set in a nursing home, What they did was give all of the elderly people, who have conditions such as depression, memory loss and ill health, an iPod each to see what it did to there emotions. They gave one to a guy called henry who had a short memory and had a stroke, which has resulted in him being in a wheel chair. He was always depressed and never really spoke he would sit there all day with his head down. After he was given an Ipod with his favorite songs on from his era, he suddenly lit up, he was happy; he was dancing and singing he looked alive. They then took the headphones back off him, he looked much more depressed again and back to the way he was. This really does show how powerful music is. Music is one of the best forms of medication you can get.

Music can also be used to remember some one who has passed away, usually by playing there favorite song, it brings back a lot of memory’s about them, which could bring out a lot of emotions and ends up with making you cry.

The average person takes music for granted, because it’s always there, but if you think what it would be like to have a day with out music, you wouldn’t hear it on adverts, TV, movies. What makes movies and TV more dynamic and what brings out the emotions is the music. Movies without music would be boring. I think it would be hard for people to define what music is to them as they take it for granted as it is all around them.

Music + Socialising

Music gives people a group to belong to, it gives people a sense of belonging. It helps you connect, people gather and listen to music. It helps express feelings and ideas with each other, it helps people feel what other people feel it’s limitless the possibilities you can do with music. Music is a universal language it gives people from all nationalities and races a way to communicate with each other. Music really does bring people together weather its through,

  • Dancing
  • Karaoke
  • Partying
  • Bands
  • Concerts

It is easy and important to share music with friends, without music socializing would be very dull .

Music + Politics

Politics is a set of rules to run a country; there are many types of politics:

One Person decides
No Rules
Were you vote for the person who makes the rules
Family decide rules

Music has affected politics in many different ways throughout the years. Weather its slating other parties, races or other political beliefs, or making up songs to promote there own political parties and there own beliefs. Music is very powerful to politics, as it has the power to reach millions of people. Margaret Thatcher was hated by millions of people, because she put al ot of people out of work, she took away free milk for school children, she called Nelson Mandela a grubby little terrorist. She was known as the witch of the United Kingdom. After she died there were a lot of people celebrating her death, by singing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead from the Wizard Of Oz. The sudden popularity of the song lifted it to no2 in the charts. Opposing parties who were for Margaret Thatcher said the song was disgraceful how can you celebrate some ones death it is truly disrespectful. Another really political song is Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley. The song is about standing up for your rights, Bob Marley created the song after visiting Haiti and seeing how much poverty they were in. He wrote the song as a message for them to stand up for their rights to there government.

To prove that music and politics have been together for many years. Here are some political songs from the past.

Frank Sinatra (High Hopes)

Sinatra supported president JFK with the song High Hopes.

Songs affected by politics:

Killing in the name of (Rage Against The Machine )

The song killing in the name of repeat 6 lines, the aim of repeating the 6 lines was to get the point across. The main lyrics are “Some of those who work forces are the same that burn crosses”, what they mean by these lyrics is that some people in the forces such as the police, are as bad and as racist as people such as the Ku Klux Clan who burn crosses. This also explains the bit about the chosen whites.

In December 2009, someone made a Facebook group encouraging people to buy killing in the name of, to prevent the winner of X-Factor from getting number 1 in the charts. The group gained 750,000 members. The creators of the group also knew if it got to number one it would be played on all the radio chart shows, and would go against the rule of swearing on day time radio.

Ghost Town (The Specials)

Ghost Town was a song written by an 80’s Coventry Ska band called The Specials. The song Ghost Town is about Unemployment, violence and city failure, the song was written at the same time as the riots up and down the United Kingdom. The Riots started just after Margret Thatcher came in to power, members of public were getting angry over police racism and rising unemployment Autumn of this year The Specials wrote the song Ghost Town which focuses on the city of Brixton in London, The song really strongly gives you the feeling of what the city’s were like at this time, as people were been made unemployed and violence was happening on the streets “The People getting angry” and “cant go on no more” really tells you how bad the economy was around this time. Riots were actually happening outside the studio window while they were recording the song. You can defiantly feel how strong politics are in this song.

Music + Crime

There are a lot of people that think music can influence people in to crime and drug use. There are allot of artists out there such as snoop dog and Bob Marley that talk about drugs and crime in their music, and there are allot of young people that listen to this music. These artists become there idols and they want to do everything like these artists do, which can result in drug use, shootings ETC. In my opinion this is a really negative point about music but it is defiantly a true fact that people do copy others in to these kinds of things. There is allot of people that will sit at home listening to music like reggae smoking weed, one of the main artists that promoted drug use was the singer Afroman nearly all of his song were about drug use, they were all really popular. Some of his hit songs were Because I Got High and Tumbleweed. Rapping is usually used to provoke rival gangs, for example there is a gang in Aston Birmingham and there is a gang in Spark Hill Birmingham these gangs are out to kill each other, things like a rap mocking the other side will most likely lead to murder, which has happened on a countless number of occasions across not only this country but across the world. Sadly a lot of passer buys get killed because of gang rivalry due to drive by shootings which happens a lot in the Birmingham area. Racism is another big thing that is used in a lot of music, there’s allot of songs with racist lyrics, there are also a lot of songs that influence racism one of the worst songs is Brown Sugar By The Rolling Stones. Another thing at some live gigs is the wall of death. This usually happens at metal gigs, the idea of the wall of death is the room splits in half then when the music starts they basically just run in to each other and push each other around which usually ends up in brutal fights.

Another horrific event in history was the Columbine massacre, which was a shooting at a school in Columbia. People blamed Marilyn Manson for the killings because Marilyn Manson massively influenced the people who committed the shootings.

Inferential Artists with Alcohol and drug references in there songs:

Josh Thompson

“Working hard all week puts beer on the table”


“Happy in the club with a bottle of red wine”

Britney & Madonna

“Time to part all night long”

Kenny Chesney

“It’s a sip of wine, its summertime”


“To many women with to many pills, shoot to thrill”

Lil’ Wayne

“Once the drugs are done I feel like dying, I feel like dying”

Violence References:


“Like a Murder Weapon, I’ma conceal you in a closet”

50 Cent

“9 Millimeter Ruger 16 shots, hollow points will go through ya”


“Silence is a must, Violence is a plus”


People get put in to different stereotypes by the music they listen to. This has many negative and positive effects, some people like having a stereotype as they belong to a group of people with the same interests. Sometimes stereotypes can be a really bad thing, which could lead to bullying, Anti Social Behavior and even Suicide. Below is a list of different Stereotypes people get put in to because of the music that they listen too. I asked some different stereotypes what they think about others here’s my results.


You are usually known as a Chav ,if you listen to Hip – Hop, DUBStep or Rap/Rave music. Chavs are usually put forward as low class troublemakers who hang around streets all-day and live off taxpayer’s money. Chavs normally drive around in supped up cars, with there music on full blast.

Chavs can also be very creative and often start dance classes and hip-hop lessons.

Artists Chavs would listen to:

Blackout Crew


Blazing Squad

Choong Family

MC Devvo



Emo’s or Emotional people, normally listen to softcore punk music. They also usually wear allot of black. These people usually end up getting allot of stick from the chav’s. Emo’s don’t normally speak to family about there problems. There has been a countless number of occasions were emo’s have been threatened or bullied and its ended up with them committing suicide. Emo’s are also known for self harm.

Artists Emo’s would listen to:




Panic at the disco

Fall out boy


These like mods were mainly around in the 60’s. Rockers are known for riding big motorcycles and wearing Jeans and leather jackets, they are also known to be untidy and dirty. The Rockers favorite music was normally rock and roll, they would attend biker rally’s and listen to their favorite Rock and Roll music in various biker Cafes. Rockers Rivals were the Mods.

Artists Rockers would listen to:

Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry

Jimi Hendrix

Deep Purple


Gene Vincent

Frank Zappa


Mods were around at the same time as the rockers in the 60’s, but there are still people who class their selves as mods now. Mods are usually known for riding around on lambretta and vespa scooters, which would have usually have lots of lights and mirrors fitted. Mods were very protective over there scooters. The Mods would normally listen to Ska, R&B and British Beat Music. They were called mods because of the way they dressed, they were very smart and usually would be found wearing suits and other fashionable clothing. The Mods were generally from London, but would they would often travel up to Brighton were they would have a big gathering and go to all the clubs. They were also known for getting in to fights with the rockers.

Good film based on Mods is Quadraphenia.

Artists Mods would listen to:

The Who

The Jamm

The Rolling stones

The Small Faces

The Kinks

Can you think of any other ways that music effects society?


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