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Music Inc.

Updated on November 19, 2010

Music is my weapon when I see the trouble,
It's everything I use when I'm on the double,
To workout all the problems life has thrown at me,
One moment I can conquer when I know I'm free,

The music shows me ways nothing has before,
I'm flying in the sky an never hit the floor,
Dodge bullets like I would dodge problems in the real world,
Better web sling my a** away from "real" girl

It's nothing when I'm caught,
Hanging from the ceiling,
Haha that will never happen when I am appealing,
To this physco bad guy,
Who needs me to survive,
Just like the joker did batman,
And yet he's still alive,

See I'm better when I'm with music,
The beats hit right when low,
Even when I feel sad,
It brings me back just to show,
That nothing is impossible,
One day I'll prove that,
Nobody is the cause of it,
I'll have choose that,

So I'll let music take me places that I want to go,
Maybe one moment I'll be in Paris and wake up in Tokyo,
Or Just agree to these problems that are in the flow,
Just like Eminem told Kim he won't be back fo show,

Ima leave what I write on these papers,
With ease and delight from the haters,
Once music leaves my memory,
I'm just another dude that's been hurt mentally...

an I'm gone......


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