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Music Played By Musicians

Updated on October 27, 2012

Music and Musicians and Fun

Music Played By Musicians


Music Played By Musicians

Its a work week , and its about eight in the evening and nothing to do. I grab my Las Paul guitar and turn on my drum machine and start ripping away.Yes, music is a past time and play time for me and I have been professional at playing and then there is the relaxing at home or in the studio play. Its just a play time thing for me now, and I must enjoy it or I would not be doing it. I like to whip out a few licks here and there that bring back old memories from when I was in a Rock Band in my twenty's. Its a rush to play the old songs and how I remember them is interesting also.

We all know Smoke On The Water, and we all play this some time in out lives as a musician. Well its still the easiest song to strum and rock out to at any level. Beginners play this old tune and even seasoned pros. Its just a song that makes you happy and so easy to play. Any hard song to play for your own listening pleasure is not worth it in my book. Yet if I am trying to impress someone I will let it happen. I will make sure I hit every note and be right in on the timing . I can do what I want, when I get my axe out and plug it into the cabinet.

That's what music and the musicians are all about is making music for themselves. If you are trying to make someone else see that your good , you probably are not. You cannot go and buy a thousand dollar guitar and expect to be the next high roller guitar player. You can just have one hell of an expensive guitar that sits in the corner of your room gathering dust. We have all done this, at one point in our lives. Professional players get complacent and leave behind their old favorite guitars in for new ones to play. Its sad to see it happen but in more times than one I have seen the older guitar being played by the musician more than the new, so to each his own.

Music just makes a guy feel good and makes you comfortable. Its hard to explain why one plays except that you like how you sound to yourself. That makes a true musical genius. If you like your music and others like it then your on your way up the charts hopefully. Yet more than often this is not the case. With the Internet like it is, we can all have a hit record or MP3 that we can actually sell. No managers or advertising, just join a site and put your music out. I have done this and made a decent living from it. Do not expect this to happen though, its a dream come true.

I hope you enjoyed my little article on music , we all need someone or something to play with. Music is a way to get things out in the open and out of your head and sometimes make money. Make sure you are playing for the reason you want to play with and not for someone else's pleasure, you will surely suck at it if this is the case. I wish all you musicians a fine musical day today and let go and release yourself as I go now and play to my hearts content.


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