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Music: Why the 'Oldies' are better

Updated on January 20, 2015

What do the singers Jon Bon Jovi, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Bryan Adams and Frank Sinatra all have in common? Well except the fact that their all singers. They are all considered legends in the music industry. (Of course they are not the only legends, there are just too many to mention them all.) The music that all of them made was so great that they became legends in their own right. And today people still talk about them; their music is still listened to by people all over the world. Even youngsters know who some of them where. And singers like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra were big in the forties and fifties. That is almost seventy years ago! So why are they so popular? Why do people classify them as Music gods? Personally I think it's because the music they sang actually meant something. And the singers back then sang because they loved singing, it wasn’t for the money or the publicity, it was for the love of music... That is maybe why you could hear the emotion in the songs. And that is maybe why you could relate to the songs.

Modern music just doesn’t have that emotion anymore. The singers today ''Lost that loving feeling''. Maybe it's because the world isn’t sure how to love anymore. And it’s not just the music either. It’s the movies, it’s the fact that a lot of men don't know how to be gentlemen anymore, people don’t love their neighbor anymore, and people just don’t know how to be descent to one another anymore. And that reflects in the music we listen to lately. People love to criticize Hip/hop or Gangster Rap music, they say it reflects hate towards woman and it’s violent and critical towards people. All those things are true, yes, but it’s not just the Rap music. If a comparison is made between romantic songs, the results will show that the modern music has nothing on the oldies or classics. For example Bon Jovi, he is a romantic by nature and the songs he sings are still loved by all across the world because what he says is romantic and he actually strives to make a women feel special. But the modern songs are all about how the singer wants to get the girl into bed. How is that romantic? Answer... It’s not.

Most of the music today is made using a computer. How can that be classified as music? Bands back In the day had real musicians. If you heard a guitar, where was a guitarist playing the guitar, a pianist playing the piano, the list goes on and on. Beethoven composed most of his best works while deaf. No computers in 1813, just himself and his piano. How do you compose such beautiful works when you don't even know what they sound like? All musicians today have to do is type something into a computer and there’s your song. Is that really music? Would Beethoven be proud if he saw what musicians are doing to the art he loved so much he never gave it up even though he couldn’t hear it anymore? How can you make a connection with a song if the artist himself didn’t?

Another problem with modern music is the fact that half the time you can’t understand what the person is saying. And the lyrics... What happened to six minute songs where five minutes and forty seconds of the song was lyrics being sung. Lately a song that is six minutes long only has lyrics that take up a minute of the song. This is another of example of the emotion that went into the songs written back in the day and the lack of emotion in the songs written today.

There are some songs that can be linked to iconic movies. Or even the movie linked to the song. For example... The Kevin Costner classic, 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves' and Bryan Adams's song ''Everything I do I do it for you''. The Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze classic 'Ghost' and The Righteous Brothers ''Unchained Melody''. The Bruce Willis classic 'Armageddon' and the Steven Tyler son ''I don’t wanna miss a thing''. And then of course there is a movie that is linked to three songs, none other than the Tom Cruise classic 'Top Gun' and the songs ''Take my breath away.'' by Berlin, ''Highway to the danger zone'' by Kenny Logins and ''You've lost that loving feeling.'' by The Righteous Brothers. Some songs are so good they have movies named after them. Such as Elvis Presley's ''Fools rush in'' and the movie 'Fools Rush In' with Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry. These songs were so good that they got used in mayor Hollywood productions.

The oldies are just better because of the emotion behind the song. The lyrics that are so fantastic. The way we can relate to those songs. Why can't modern music be like that? Well it can be... All we have to do is get back that loving feeling...

© 2015 David Denver Fouche


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