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Music and Television

Updated on August 1, 2017
 A Photo of Music and television together
A Photo of Music and television together

Music and Television

Music is limitless or at least it feels that way because of how much music there is all the time. Television feels the same way at times because there are limitless new shows to watch. When people think of music what do they think of? Do they think of the limitless sound of listening to a cd, there IPod’s? IPhone’s, or cd’s, or even the radio. What about the television, what do you like more. Do people have a preference or do people like music just as much as they like television. Nobody really knows unless you talk to people. What is the difference between music and television? Well, Music is just words and sound where television is a picture sound, color, and words. With Music, you can make a picture in your mind about what is happening in the song but with television, you see the picture and you hear the story that it being told. Some people might like one over the other or both, but that depends on the person.

For me, music is better than television. If I am trying to do something that is. If I just want to do nothing then watching television works but they can both be limitless. What is the actual difference between television and music? Well let’s figure it out, there is a media difference with music and television according to google. The difference is the ads that the media puts on each of them, some with pictures when you are watching television but when you put an ad on the radio it is the way it is spoken and the background music that draws people. On television, it is what you see with the pictures that draw people to what is being offered or said.

What if you asked people the question of what they liked better Music or Television what do you think they would say. It depends on the people you ask for starters and sometimes it might even depend on the time of year, the reason why I mention the time of year is because different television shows come on at different times of the year that might draw more people away from listening to music all of the time. For example I am one of those people who would rather listen to music all of the time, rather than watching television. Although for me it depends on the time of day, when it is dark outside that is when I watch television rather than during the day. I like to listen to music during the day instead. Although ask someone else and they might say something else, everyone’s preference is different.

If I want to not think about anything for example that is when I watch television, for me watching television is mind numbing, although I can’t just watch television. When I am watching television I am usually reading a book as well, I can read while watching television and listening to my iPod but not while I am listening to the radio, that’s strange right? But enough about reading and television. It’s time to get back on topic, Music and Television are great ways, to get you out of a funk, if you are ever in one. Although some might like music over television to get them out a funk but that depends on the person. Each person is different, so nothing someone does is going to be the same as someone else.

Music and Televison

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Music and Television and its Limitlessness

For example, with me, people always wonder how I can multi- task so well. When I was younger I couldn’t do my homework without music on but if the television was on I had no prayer of getting anything done. Why was that? Well, I think it was because the voices of the actors

on the television would draw my attention to what was happening on the t.v. rather than what I was supposed to be focusing on. With music, on the other hand, I can paint a picture of what the song is about in my mind rather than having to look at something to get the picture like you would with the television. I can read and do work with music on better than I can with the television on, even though I can read and watch television at the same time. This is just me though what about everyone else, do you like television better than music, or do you care, do you watch more television than listen to music or is it the other way around. I like both myself.

Music and Television have been around forever or so it feels like, and as the year’s progress, it changes. Do you like the changes in the way television is viewed what is on television and do you like the new music that is out now and how quickly the genres and new songs come out? Do you think it should go back to the way it used to be or do you like it this way? There are so many questions that can be asked when you try to figure out Television and Music and do some sort of a comparison or contrast or even one over the other. Music and television are both good things, you just have to pick out the good things about each of them and see where that leads you. The ideas and locations can be limitless if you let them.

Music and television when you hear and watch it, you feel as though you are right there in a limitless capacity because you picture yourself, doing what the actors and singers are doing. Or at least that is what I do, Have you ever done that while watching television or listening to music?

 To bring people to the television to see music
To bring people to the television to see music

Music and Television are both limitless

Music and Television have been around for so long that it feels so normal to watch and listen to both of them. Both Music and television give a feeling of limitless relaxation when they are on. It is like your mind clears and what you are trying to do comes into more focus if that is how you work that is when music is on. Television is all about, not thinking at all and focusing on what is on the television in front of you.

Do you think Music and television are limitless? Let's Discuss

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