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Music and person character

Updated on September 16, 2015

Music and person personality

Almost everyone listens to music, and the styles of music they listens can actually tell their real personality itself. Music can ranges from romantic, jazz, rock, heavy metal, melancholic, classic, rap, hip-hop, and religious. Whatever the styles of music itself, it can tells the personality of the listeners itself. So let us explain what is your personality were when you’re interested in these styles of music, and it is varied from individual to individual, some may possess only a character while some can portray two or more character at the same time with their music of their choice:

a) Romantic

The listeners is portrayed as a person in love, person who has just break-up, or even a person searching for love of his life. His passion on romantic tunes means he can be a loving person, but sometimes that person can be feeling lonely and sad, and that individual will do whatever he can to search the love of his life with his loving character, of course. In some cases, he or she can even portrays loves to lover via favourite love songs.

b) Jazz

Jazz favourite listeners are person of low-emotional mood and more relaxed. A person who like jazz music is portrayed as a slow going and less stressful, not forgetting relaxing. For this reason, jazz music is sometimes recommended for individuals who often felt stressful at work. Sometimes, jazz music can also be used in romantic manner as mentioned above. Other times slow jazz also being used in sorrow purpose such as funeral which can also characterize the person as sorrowful. Jazz slow and relaxing nature can also be combined with religious context which will be discussed later in the religious music segment.

c) Soft rock

Soft rock is combination of romance and rock at the same time, but not as hard as heavy metal which will be discussed later. Soft rock enthusiast are loving but full of strength at the same time. He or she willing to express love in some hard, active manner. A soft rock enthusiast also more active and more enthusiastic compared to romantic or jazz enthusiast, but not as active as heavy metal group. For this reason, an individual who loves soft rock is perceived as macho enough in searching lover.

d) Heavy metal

Heavy metal or punk enthusiast essentially means his activity level is at the all-time high. He or she are willing to give all their power towards this music and they were feeling excited with every seconds of hard tunes listened. A hard rock enthusiast is also branded as psycho and mad but at the same time full of energy and activity. However, this enthusiast is also branded as devil and satanic in most religious context. In other words, hard rock lovers are perceived as active and aggressive but devilish by many.

e) Melancholic

A melancholic music enthusiast essentially means an individual always feeling unhappy or sad at all times. It can also having effects on a person who just break up with his lover or lost a love ones. Enthusiast are portrayed as sadistic and sorrow fellow who needs some therapy from all sadness. The melancholic music can also be combined with jazz, romantic, and religious music to soothe an individual soul.

f) Classic

Classic or vintage song enthusiast portrayed the person has been easy-going, history-loving, and in relaxing mood. But at the same time the individuals are also perceived as old-fashioned. Most of the classic songs (ranges from 1930s until 1960s) are in slow and relaxing manner. So classic songs are the additional features to the romantic, and jazz mentioned above. Classic and other relaxing songs are also encouraged as a therapy for stress relieving.

g) Rap and hip-hop

Yo! Yo! That is the phrase normally said by rapper in hip-hop music. And for those love this style of music, it shows that you’re filled with confidence, brave, but at the same time arrogant and proud. Hip-hop music combined with rap enthusiast normally portrayed as active and good in using their speech in rapid manner. For this reason it is music of choice for younger generations who wish to be active and confident as those rapper do.

h) Religious

For individuals who in enthusiastic on religious or religious-tuned music, he or she is fully enthusiastic in God and theological studies through soft and sometimes active music (as mentioned earlier, any music which has hard-tune such as rock and heavy metal is religiously prohibited). The person is perceived not only as holy, but also as less stressful and smooth going. Elements of jazz and melancholic can also be added to religious music and enthusiasts are also portrayed similar to religious music lover.

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