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Music is a Connection

Updated on September 5, 2011

An Introduction:

Being back in college has many benefits, and one those benefits that I am enjoying is focusing my energy on my music career and doing the research involved. What you are about to read is my first essay written for Music Theory I. I was actually given a restriction on this paper that it could only be a page in length which I feel really helped me to center my ideas into a basic summary on what is music and what it means to me. Perhaps, I will write more on this topic later but I found that I was heavily influenced by recent books and articles I have read (for both class assigned reading as well as my own private research). I will list those as points of reference at the bottom of my article.

I hope that you enjoy!

Music Is a Connection

Music is a connection. And while music may be defined in many different ways I believe it comes down to this:any sound(s) or vibration(s) can send a message from one being to another. These beings may be groups or just an individual.Music could also be the sounds of the earth (including silence), and although I like to contribute music to actual sound, I find that in an active mind such as my own I tend to always receive “music” through vibrations as well as my thought process. I could go as far as to say that music is a vibration which transforms itself into a thought. While ideas such as this may or may not be “proven”, I think we can agree that a sure definition of music cannot as well.

As to the general human population of the Earth, music is organized sound that is to be shared…even shared with one’s self, and although not everyone has the same taste or definition of what great music is, it really means nothing whatsoever for an individual will like what he or she likes. I say this because music affects individuals, groups, nations, etc. in many different ways. Music sends a message to the brain and no two brains are exactly alike. Each person on the planet was raised different in some fashion and so I believe the music they enjoy or surround themselves with is a direct transmutation of the world around them.

I honestly believe that the purpose of music is to balance your life, and to have a balanced life means that you are happy. Music is happiness and even though there is sad, angry, or “in the middle” music the general idea is to release or turn those negative feelings into positive energy. That is an opinion and though I find myself changing my mind frequently I just have to say that I really love music! I hear it every day. It is a part of me and who I am.

John P. Dennis - Music Theory – “What Is Music? / What Music Means to You…” – 9/5/11

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