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Music was my first love

Updated on August 1, 2010

Memories of a future past

Music was and always will be my first love, apart from the current incumbent partner of course but as I get on in years and the music of my youth is re-cycled over and over again I wonder how the young of today may reflect upon the likes of muse and Lilly Allen?

Will they remember them with as much affection as we (the older generation) do?

They say that if you can remember the sixties then you weren't there well I can tell you otherwise, though I must admit the memory did take a bit of a hammering whilst watching brilliant groups like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Mott the hoople and the Yardbirds.

All bands I had the privilege to see when I was going through my teens.

Following these groups through their development was a fascinating experience, as was sitting on the grass at the isle of white festival listening to the legendary Jimi Hendrix experience while high as a kite on free love and cola.

Around the turn of the decade came Led Zeppelin to blow everyone away with their fantastic riffs and imaginative use of Robert Plants voice as an extra instrument. So too the birth of the first wave of heavy metal in the form of Black Sabbath, one wonders what they were putting in the water supply around the midlands at that time.

Of course the younger generation like ourselves before them would grow tired very quickly with this new found freedom in music choice, preferring to have their own scene to follow, ergo the birth of the Sex Pistols.

Born out of wedlock between John Lydon and Malcolm McLaren they started off the next anti-establishment wave of music, Punk.

Stemming from this genre were the Stranglers best known for their take on drugs in music eulogising about heroin in the melodic Golden Brown and the Boomtown rats whose lead singer Bob Geldof is still trying to raise awareness of poverty as well as trying to raise his own daughters.

After this excessive time the tables turned full circle again to the likes of ABBA and Roxy music which in turn paved the way for the new wave romantic style of Duran Duran, Visage and Adam and the Ants Born with a love of the theatrical experience and flamboyance of the Georgian dress sence.

Many great groups emerged during the eighties for brief periods which is how it should be, the likes of Kajagoogo were never intended to outlast the Rolling Stones who were and still are performing.

These are but a few of the groups from the sixties to the eighties whom I can remember perhaps I may have stirred up interest in one or two names for you to go explore further?

As a stepping stone may I suggest that you start at the isle of white festival sight which has group line ups from the sixties, from there I am sure you will find your own way as I did, discovering a great deal of good music from iconic performers.

But be aware at all times that there were also some rubbish bands out there the likes of Unit Four Plus Two or Gary Pucket and the union gap and please forget Anthony Newley!


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