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Music With Meaning

Updated on June 14, 2016

The Demand

In the last 15 years music popularity high shot up an astronomical amount. People are constantly listening to music. At the grocery store, gardening, working, eating, showering, going to sleep. It's like all our lives actually have theme songs. With all of this constant need for music, there's a huge demand in musical quantity, as well as quality. Prior to the 21 century, most people listened to the same music. Like the Beatles and David Bowie. Everyone knew when a new album came out, and they all knew the words to every song. Now, it's not like that at all! People are growing, wanting new and unique aspects to the musical world. Which is great! It's beautiful to see music evolve and adapt to the culture surrounding it. But these changes bring a big trail to our culture.

The Meaning

With music changing rapidly due to the high demand in our culture, there's a lot more of songs in the world now. Seriously, millions of songs are out there just waiting to be listened to. But here's the thing that bothers me.

With so many songs out there, that makes it harder to come up with a good message for your song. And the message is the heart and soul of the song. The music provides the atmosphere, while the words provide the reality of it.
There are some songs that will just capture people by their passion in their words. For example, the song " All of me " by John Legend beautifully describes how Mr. Legend feel about his wife. The words are powerful and honest, and you can just tell that he is feeling what he's singing on a very deep level.

That's the kind of music that makes real changes in life. Not the ones talking about trucks or running in the woods.

So, because of the huge amount of music in the world, it's a lot harder to find songs that portray passion and meaning, motivating you to work and feel and move, and actually get up and do something.

The Conclusion

So that's it. My main point in this short article is that music is a beautiful way to portray your passions, and it's also a way to preach your message to the world. It's a way to make art, not just with the beats and chords, but with thoughts and feelings.


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