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Music Job

Updated on May 9, 2016

Music Jobs

Music Jobs

When we speak of music career, that profession is not limited only to musicians. There are people behind the success of every artist and you can still carve out a music career by going in that direction. Let’s face it, not everybody can become a music artist, but anybody can be a part of the music industry. With the growing number of industries who needs music content, the amount of people employed by the music industry has risen up as well.

In the internet age today, there is an influx of commercials, ads, TV shows, games, films and movies. Organizing the music content of different artists can be a hefty task if there are only a few people working around the clock for it. However, the employment for the duties required were welcomed as it is a sign that the music revenue has steadily risen the past few years. There is a great workforce behind every company’s success and we’ll tackle different music jobs that could probably fit you as you go along your music career.

Composing and arranging music – If you’re good in writing and the play of words, this might be for you. Not all artists compose their music. Many of them actually have composers who write the words behind a very successful track from a well known artist. There are also arrangers who arrange the instruments used to create a majestic sound to bond with the lyrics of a song. You can also license your work as a composer for music licensing companies and monetize your craft as well.

Talent scout – Music companies are always on the lookout for the new trend and new artist to sign. If you’re a talent scout, your ears are the main critics wherever you go. You’d be designated to scout up and coming new talents and bring them to your company for further evaluation before signing them.

Music Journalist – Follow musicians anywhere and write a journal about their tour, album and also take a peek from their personal lives, if you get extremely lucky enough. Many have opted for this career as you’ll get a chance to interact with music icons and be a critic at the same time as well.

Radio DJ – A radio DJ plays music on-air and discusses news related to music during breaks between songs. Even though the rise of the internet has taken a hit on radio play and different station who broadcast music, being a radio DJ has always been a cool and hip job for many music lovers. Who wouldn’t want to get paid while listening and discussing music for an entire day?

Music Teacher – Teach music to people who also aspire in becoming a musician in the near future. Share your music knowledge to these people by teaching them how to play various instruments. Even though music sessions last only a few days a week, this is a good way to earn a little extra income for yourself. You can also hone your craft as well as you’ll be exploring new ways on how to teach people to play different styles of music.

Concert Promoter – A concert promoter must possess a relatively good business sense to promote concerts, gigs and live shows to different audiences around a certain state, city or suburb. They are in charge of the ticket sales, marketing and branding of the music artist they are currently promoting to the public. They will also be coordinating with the venue details.

Music Director – The music director chooses the songs in a radio airplay. Others are in charge of directing a music video for a certain artist who’s promoting their new songs to the public. You must have a good track record containing a very appealing background in music to achieve this job.

Music Producer – If you have a knack in writing, recording and producing music, you may fit this music job very well. A music producer writes and records music to be used by music artists. The music created can be licensed for television or commercials or for any project that needs the music content.

THE MUSIC ARTIST - While there’s a few more music jobs out there, the best one could be you, being the main solo artist or a part of an up and coming band. This is perhaps the greatest music job in the world as all you need to focus on is honing your craft and your music. You get to play gigs, live shows and concerts in front of different audiences from city to city while monetizing your work at the same time. You also get to write and arrange your own composition with the help of your band mates or composers. The feeling of playing in front of screaming audiences, singing the lyrics of your song and jumping up and down out of excitement, nothing can beat that really. For music lovers and artists, this is the best job in the world.

Every music job can be learned through consultations from music professionals or getting up and personal with people who handle their music related duties every day. It will be a smoother transition if you seek the help of a music professional as you decide to take up a career path out of music. You can learn more about music jobs and music careers by visiting my website, See you there!


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