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The Power of Music

Updated on March 21, 2011

Music is a very powerful tool. The media certainly knows how to use it. There are certain songs you hear that make you want to cry, others that make you feel as if a hero is walking into the room to save the day, other songs make us feel very tense in anticipation of what's going to happen next.Think about it, when you hear the Jaws theme song, you get a little jumpy knowing that something bad is going to happen next. What other songs can you think of?

As much as I love to listen to music, one thing I love is playing classical piano music. There are so many songs out there for just about any mood you could think of. There are songs I love to play when I'm in a bad mood that are totally strong and very depressing sounding. Sometimes playing songs like that helps to change my mood, because in some sense I am leaving it all at the piano, all the tension is released. There are also songs that are more mellow but still depressing sounding which also helps when I'm having a bad day. My all time favorite type of song is the happy and very melodic song that starts out all perfect and happy. But in the middle of the song the tension shows up, yet again like the other songs. But the difference in this type of song is that by the end, even if its not until the very last note, it resolves and ends happy. It reminds me of a lot of classic Disney movies like Snow White, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid etc. Each of these movies ended on a very positive and happy note with the princess getting to live happily ever after with her prince.


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