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Cheap Musical Instruments for Children, Kids Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, & Violins

Updated on July 19, 2017

Cheap Drums Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Violins and Keyboards for Children

Whether your kids want to learn to play guitars, drums, violins or the keyboard, it will enhance their vision on life. Music is the food of love and creates artistic children whose own character shines amongst others.

Musical Instruments for Children are possibly more important for the future of creative minds than we think. There is music all around us, some of which we would like our children not to listen to, usually because of the profanities in the lyrics. But learning to play any instrument can help a young child achieve so much in their lives.

Playing the guitar has always been a way of learning how to use an instrument and learning how to write lyrics, these two go hand in hand. Getting a child to learn the clarinet can help teach a child inner peace and tranquility, and to learn the keyboards will develop a child's communication skills.


The Original Acoustic Guitars

Let the Music Choose

Everybody is born with rhythm, with the possible exception of John Cleese, and in every child is the ability to create music, we, as parents, just need to help them develop it before it is lost.

he music will pick the child, every each little boy or girl will have an edging towards a certain instrument, whether they have read about it, or listened to the sounds the instruments make, over a period of time, they will have developed an interest in it, which is always a good start.

The instrument the child chooses may not be what we want them to play, but then it is up to each parent to either allow the boy or girl their own choice of cheap guitar which is for sale. Or gently persuade them to come around to our choice of musical instrument.

A suggestion may be to allow them to play several instruments, use the ones available at their school first, then they can decide which instrument they would really like to play. Sometimes the cheapest guitar for sale may not be adequate for the musical ability of the boy or girl.

Here is a selection of children's guitars, all these kids acoustic guitars are for beginners, for different options just enter the site for a larger range.


Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

Electric Guitars

The Modern Option

The full Monty

Complete set to begin playing straight away. Comprises of guitar, amp, carry case, leads and headphones to stop annoying the parents with loud music. There are several different sets available according to how much you wish to spend, although they all do the same thing from.

If your child exceeds at home, why not consider music lesson for a future gift. Learning how to play the guitar or other musical instrument is creativity at its' best. A cheap guitar may well send a child on a different direction in life.


Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.



Normal & Electric

Most parents do not really want their children to play the drums, mainly because of the amount of noise that will be made whilst playing them, but dad will also be playing with them. If you have a garage, out house buildings or even a shed, these could be ideal places for them to learn to play the drum sets.

As with any instrument, there is no need to go overboard on the price for a child's first musical instrument, as you need to see if there is real intention to play the chosen instrument, or if it is a phase or a fad that the child is going through.

If you find that your son or daughter is keen after a while, then you can sell the children's drum sets or other musical instrument and put the money towards a better and more customised set.

To a parent with children, spending money on items that will not be put to use, is money down the drain, always buy what can present the best opportunity for use.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.


The Classical Instrument

These stringed instruments are usually associated with operas, high class garden parties or even weddings, there is a niche market for violins, and may never be a mainstream musical instrument.

If your daughter or son has an inkling for classical music, then a violin may be the first step on the musical ladder, not as easy to learn to play as a guitar or a set of drums, but the music is in a totally different class. Violins for children are generally more expensive than most other instruments, and so are the violin lessons with professional tutors.


Musical Harmony


Childrens keyboards are the most bought gift for children, many hundreds of sizes, styles and makes are available. The keyboards have so many different musical operations that they can virtually create music themselves.

Most of the keyboards have background music whilst the child is playing the keys, and each also has different tempos, so if the chosen background music is drums, then the keyboard will play the drums at whichever speed is chosen, whilst your child plays the keys.

Excellent, having a keyboard is like having a full band in one room, and it will also record everything. This will allow any child to keep re-playing his music, till they are happy with it. Unfortunately the keyboard is not an instrument most schools will have or allow, as they would prefer all children to learn an individual instrument, rather than a self music making machine.


Pianos are not really a gift for a child, but piano lessons are. If your children have been learning the piano are very happy with it, then getting them a used or second hand piano can be a good investment, depending on the one you buy, most used pianos will keep most of their value. Just remember that they do weigh a lot, and it will cost you a fair bit of money to have it moved up and down stairs, or removed to a different house.

Music and Children

Music is not an academic study, nor will it get them a job at a bank or in construction, but it may give them an opportunity that most children do not get. It may help them with influential friends and have a happier life, we are only visiting this planet, let us help our children to be all they can be. In Spain, music lessons in school are compulsory, and learning an instrument is looked upon as a way of life, in Spain people are more relaxed, lead healthier and happier lives and all children play in bands throughout the year, music is the food of life.

Most instruments will have a bearing on that childs life, with few exceptions. Look at all the talented musicians playing at the moment, compare their personality with the instrument they play, there is usually a pattern. Even Nigel Kennedy, the violinist, although his playing of the violin is somewhat modernised, his personality is very charming and characteristic.

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