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Danger-Moody Emotions-Causes & Effects

Updated on January 15, 2013

WARNING. Invisible Electrical Currents Around the Home CAN Affect Your Health & Well Being!

Be wary of disturbing mood swings, emotional changes, & even negative un-settlement from invisible resonating electrical currents circulating within & around the home, or your work establishment.

Sounds of rhythm, from nature, soothing, are the life force of our soul. Irregular rain fall, the trickling of a near by stream, the rush of waves upon the rocky shore, birds singing softly in bushes, the wind blowing gales within the treetops. they all affect our emotions which thus relate to how we function physically because of our mood.

And so does the baby crying, irate folk arguing in the street, the rush of heavy traffic, all of these noises effect our moods, affecting our ability to relax.

But music, have you ever considered that Its true one can change ones mood through music to enhance your experience physically!

Vibes resonate electrically & ever so subtly, but one can create mood feelings depending on the task they are attempting just by listening to certain rhythms chosen to aid in relaxation or concentration.

One example for instance; when one exercises, jogs or does martial arts training to a kind of energetic hypnotic beat pulsing in the background, which thus invigorates your enjoyment of learning & training!

Another one worth mentioning is hearing soft mellow vibes whilst romancing your partner that will bring both parties onto the same plane of emotions together!

For an excited, over active mind, a metronome can be used to create an hypnotic style rhythm which will allow you to mentally focus onto the pulse, & in turn, will slow your mind down to the correct state for inducing mind & body relaxation.

But be Warned!

Consideration to these facts of natural sounds must be adhered to & complemented. Because, around most of our homes, or work places, we all experience electrical appliances, which give off a subtle energy, which may drain you without you ever realizing it.

Even the computer you are using right now will create the same effect. This kind of draining energy will probably not even become noticed by you but can still have subtle detrimental effects on your health, relaxation & well being.

Although, at times, silence is golden, but many gadgets electrically, give off an energy which vibrates within your atmosphere creating a current that is quite negative to human beings on a subliminal level, so try to become aware of such experiences & switch off appliances by the plug instead, why not chose your favourite music wisely, or even sit there quietly from time to time, to enhance your emotions for more success & enjoyment in your activity or relaxation!

Let me know what you think. Please leave your comment in the box below.

Regards Dale Ovenstone

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