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Music's Mystery

Updated on August 1, 2013
Junkanoo | Source
Music influence
Music influence | Source

Music altering...

Ever really think of the impact of music on the human psyche or any living creature for that matter? Have you ever just sat down and listened to something that altered how you were feeling emotionally?

Or listened to something that had you crying before the last chord was struck? Think about the impact of music in general. How it is used to set moods and show emotion or take you to a place the musician goes when they either play it or wrote it.

Ever wonder how it can do what it does, altering you and your emotional behavior. How music can actually heal someone.

How music can lead one to have a God experience?

I am not just referring to the lyrics but to the instrumentals as well. Even though most of us think we are altered by the lyrics which is partly true it is normally only instruments that are necessary to cause an emotional reaction.

Mad. Sad. Glad. Fab. Inspirational. Hopeful. Vengeful.

It doesn't matter music takes us through the whole human emotional cycle causing us to roll along on what ever tidal waves that are either enhanced or induced by it.

Music is a universal language.

It is known to soothe the savage beast. It is used to create emotional attachments. It is used to mark time in a person's journey, through good things and the bad things.

Every one who enjoys music has something they recall according to a time, a problem or events in their growth that is theirs and theirs alone.


Music's origin

According to those who have studied communication and language, music is universal! Like love it is a language that all of us gravitate to in some way, shape and form. Thing is like people there are infinite varieties on what type of music that moves us.

There are claims that classical music is the purest of all music which actually can and does enhance the intelligence of beings. Claims have been made on the impact it has on babies in the womb and their development.

Other music types can jar one's nerves or soothe someone's emotional upheaval.

All music types are powerful.

They all affect people differently! Yet they all hold a mystery that is unexplained in any other way than just plain ole spiritual!

Which leads us back to the biblical basis of music and the use in which God instructed it as worship and encouragement for the well being.

The knowledge that the angel Lucifer lead music, worship music is puzzling. But the understanding that it was built into him makes one very cognizant of the fact that his musical influence exists.

Which leads one to the conclusion that music is God's creation for worship more than anything else which is why it can alter the brain waves of a person!

Music's impact

Scientists have linked music's mind altering impact on the human brain, the human psyche and their emotional well being.

Just hearing music makes on emotional. Which is why it is used in every way to influence us through media and movies.

It helps with learning, memory, and dealing with emotions.

We know that music helps with recalling stored up information. It helps with making learning easy. It helps to relax the emotionally distraught and condition the thoughts of groups through socialization.

We know that music impacts logical learning for students. We have come to understand that it can do miraculous things when given the chance in therapy.

Music's evolution

Every culture in the world has it's own sounds of music. Their own special or unique instruments that influence the sound of music heard around the country. Each culture has something distinct and truly original to them.

That comes through the use and development of the instruments on which they created and played music.

Wind instruments, stringed instruments and percussion instruments seem to have been around since the beginning of music's illustrious birth.

It's because they could be carried!

They were used in worship, battles and in entertainment. They were used to tell stories, convey messages and in the art of seduction.

Musical experiment

  • I challenge you to go a whole 24 hours without listening to music.

Which means you don't turn it on?

  • Another challenge is to count the number of waking hours you don't hear music?

We have sounds around us constantly. We are entertained by music or someone talking constantly.

I have actually come to believe it is a bad thing to always have something on in the background.

Psychologically it is used for various reasons? Stores use it to create an atmosphere to shop, to buy and spend money.

Dentists and doctors use it to soothe the nerves of the patient in the waiting room.

It is used to induce sleep and influence behavior in other areas like hospitals, schools and airports.

We know that Hollywood uses it to elicit emotional attachments and reactions.

Which makes it difficult for people to concentrate, listen properly, communicate properly and rest properly.

What would it be like in a world without music? We know in a world with too much music or music all the time, noise has ensued.

Turn it all off and see what happens in less than 10 minutes especially if you don't plan to go to sleep!

What do you use music for most?

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