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Must See Movies: Solomon Kane

Updated on July 24, 2012
James Purefoy as Solomon Kane
James Purefoy as Solomon Kane

Hi there and welcome to "Must See Movies."

My name is Lew Newmark and I'm a regular hubber here on HubPages. I also write Why is this on my TV and also Comics Eye. What I want to do within the context of Must See Movies is search the web for upcoming "Fan Boy" movies already in production, and bring to you the best that the genre has to offer in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Superhero and Animation.

First up in this hub is a character created by the writer of one of the most recognized Sword and Sorcery Heroes ever and that would be Conan the Barbarian...Robert E. Howard's other masterfully written character Solomon Kane.

Actor James Purefoy best known for his role in the TV series "Rome" is Solomon Kane in a production directed by Michael J. Basset, and being brought to us by Samuel Hadida and Wandering Star.

In the film Solomon Kane is a 16th century traveler of the world, but he is anything but a force for good in the world. A plunderer who thinks nothing of others, Kane has no issue with sacrificing those who travel with him for his own selfish gains.

In the film, Kane leads his band of profiteers into a confrontation with a cadre of Ottomon warriors who have control of a fortress somewhere in the jungles of North Africa. After a fierce battle, Solomon and his compatriots defeat the Ottomon warriors and enter the fortress, and they come upon an enchanted room...with mirrors that hold demons trapped within them.

The demons attack and kill most of Solomon's men, but Kane fights his way through and enters into an ancient throne room where Kane encounters a hellish demon who proclaims hat's Kane's soul has been forever tainted and that he will go to hell.

Demon and human fight one another, but Solomon Kane proclaims "I am not yet ready for Hell!" Kane escapes the demon via jumping out of a window in the thrown room and the demon snarls after Kane that Solomon's soul will belong to the devil.

And that's just the beginning of the film. I've watched the trailer for Solomon Kane (honestly, I wasn't even aware that there was a Kane film in production, so imagine my surprise when I came across this trailer) and I think this could very well be one of those movies that many people who are not familiar with the character will pass up, and that will be a very big mistake.

The production of the film takes place in France, the Czech Republic and in the UK. The featurette for this film details much of what went into some of the filming and the stunts and swordplay that play a large role in the film.

Solomon Kane should be coming to a theater near you sometime in September so watch for it.


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