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Must See Movies: Oz the Great and Powerful

Updated on July 30, 2012

We all grew up with this movie.

A little girl from Kansas named Dorothy finds herself in a strange land after her aunt and uncle's home is caught in a Tornado. The land is somewhere over the rainbow and it's called Oz.

And in that strange land, Dorothy and her little dog Toto meet three strange characters...a Scarecrow, a Tin man, and a Cowardly Lion, and they take off on a journey following the "Yellow Brick Road."

The movie of course is the Wizard of Oz and it's one of the greatest movies of all time, along with such films as Gone With the Wind, The Godfather and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

But there was a story before the events that happened on the day that tornado blew that house off it's foundations, and little Dorothy found herself in the land of Oz. No before her story there was another...the tale of one Oscar Diggs, the man who would become...the Wizard of Oz.

I can't think of a company more suited to the task of spinning this fanciful tale than the Walt Disney Company, and what a tale it is. Oscar Diggs (played by John Franco of Spiderman fame) is a dubious man at best and a charlatan at worst. Diggs is a small time magician who while in an air balloon finds himself caught in one of those mysterious dust storms that seem to hit a certain part of Kansas, and finds himself over the rainbow and in a very magical land indeed.

Diggs thinks that he's got it made in this magical world...that is until he comes face to face with ...witches. Three witches to be exact, who are not quite sure that Diggs is the Wizard they were expecting.

And now Oscar Diggs finds himself caught right in the middle of the problems that the strange inhabitants of Oz find themselves in...and Oscar Diggs reluctantly tries to help before it's way too late.

Aside from Franco, other cast members include Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Abigail Spencer, and Rachel Weisz. When you watch the trailer for the film you'll see some of the fantastic landscapes and a cute sprite like creatures as wells as certain flying creatures that seem familiar.

Oz the Great and Powerful isn't due to come to theaters until March 8th, 2013 so there will be more to see as far as trailers and screen shots and interviews, and trust me this will surely be a Must See Movie.


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