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Michael Jackson's Legacy?

Updated on January 9, 2019


So I look forward to Thursday night all week. Grey's Anatomy night. Used to be Friends and ER but times are a changin. Yes, I know the season does not start for another month, but I missed all last season so I am catching up with reruns. So imagine my disappointment when I discover that instead of Grey' is on. I know a lot of you are Broncos fans, and don't worry, I won't diss your team. I have no opinion whatsoever. I just don't like to watch football personally. Have nothing against those that do. But the fact that I missed Grey's due to football...annoying. Seriously.

So....I am clicking through channels looking for something else to watch, had to stop reading my book for a while, it is pretty heavy and I needed some mindless distraction. Not much on, Big Brother 458....loved the first season, watched tonight's for two seconds and wanted to vomit it was so lame and staged. Reality TV? Whose reality? The but not really in the mood tonight. Real Housewives of Atlanta. Again....since when is the reality of a housewife trying to decide if this week it will be Botox, nose job or tummy tuck? I wish I had their problems. So I turn to the TV Guide channel. Maybe Punk'd will be on. Watching celebrities have practical jokes played on them is great fun. Nope, no Punk'd. Wanna know why? Because Michael Jackson is being buried tonight.

Ok, before you all get your panties in a wad, let me first say this. Michael Jackson was a very talented man. I am enamored with music. My dad is a musician, a lot of people in my family are...I love music with a mad passion. And he was talented. I like his music, he was entertaining for sure. But.....he passed away more than two months ago, and seriously, the media circus is getting old. This is not even about Michael or his talent or his legacy anymore. This is a paparazzi feeding frenzy, and if I had ever become famous from my talent, I would be rolling in my grave over this shit.

I started to change the channel, but then I realized I could feel a rant coming on and ya'll have been nagging me for here goes. (Be careful what you wish for.)

Apparently when plans for the service were announced earlier, people were told, "There's nothing to see here. This will be a very private affair. Don't even bother showing up." Ok, first of all, if you bought that, I have an oceanside property I will sell you. Second, private affair? Who are you freaking kidding? Supposedly the area over the ceremony site was going to be "protected airspace". Protected from who? They are streaming it live on TV RIGHT now and showing very close up shots of everyone in attendance. And the really sad thing......this is the day they are burying an American Icon who has been dead for 2 MONTHS. This spectacle is not about him.. it is a who's who in Hollywood.

Did you know that the taxpayers in California ALMOST had to foot the bill for the memorial service that cost nearly one million dollars? This from the same state that is paying it's tax refunds with IOU's? Luckily, someone stepped in (I think it was a mayor) and said, um no that's not gonna work for me. Can you imagine getting an IOU from the government for your tax refund and then the next month finding out you would be paying for a celebrity funeral?

Like I said, I am not saying he was not talented, nor that he did not change the face of music and play an important role in American history. However, that being said, let's also remember this. He was a drug addict. He was a suspected child molester (yes I know he was acquitted, that's why I said suspected...calm yourself Iago). He made more money than any 200 of us combined will ever see and he was broke. (I will concede that he was very generous and donated much to worthy causes.) The point I am trying to make is, there is a lot of scary stuff going on in this world right now. We are at war (remember?), our country is in a massive recession, our president is trying to convince the public that we need a massive overhaul in our health care system (which we do but that is another rant and one I will not touch with a ten foot pole)'s pretty much been proven that 911 was allowed to happen by our least.....and so on and so on. I am not saying that entertainment does not have value. We need it or in this world of chaos and insanity most of us would probably cut our own heads off with butter knives.

But am I really the only person who finds this ridiculous? Ted Kennedy got about 3 minutes of media attention. People are brutally murdered EVERY freaking day and they are never even mentioned. There is genocide going on in the world RIGHT NOW that you will NEVER hear about. There was a woman in the town I live in who was beaten within an inch of her life IN FRONT OF HER KIDS, her throat slit and left for dead, and there was not one line about it in the paper. But we hear about Michael Jackson 24/7 for two freaking months? My point is perspective.


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    • Winsome profile image


      9 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Fun rant Sun. Teddy Kennedy? The man could not moondance, he got the right amount of time. And he couldn't free his drowning companion from his car, let alone Free Willy. And sure MJ was broke, but he didn't pass spending bills to make the whole country broke. If you think two months was a lot, just wait till the Michael Jackson impersonators come out of the woodwork. Gotta go now, Grey's Anatomy is on. =:)

    • LinnieM52 profile image


      9 years ago from Brooklyn, USA

      I see your point, but they still talk about Elvis too, and his death, esp.near the anniversary, and other large scale celebrities. I think the thing is, people feel that these celebrites have given them joy; left the world with some good music and talent. They are mourning the end of that, and reliving the good times of when it was happening. Non-celebrities also leave the world a better place at times, but being that they are not famous and known around the world, nothing is said. Yes, of course, the media makes money from coverage, and it was the media who in my opinion, that has led many celebrities to become eccentirc, reculsive and even reliant on drugs, for some peace. All that said, Michael Jackson was/is my favorite performer, and I will always mourn his loss, as I do any other person who was an asset to my life, famous or not. What I think is outrageous, is when the media focuses on all the dirt they can find on celebrites, alive or passed on.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You said a mouthful, and, I agree with it all. Good job.


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