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12 Must Watch Anime Series of All Times

Updated on February 20, 2018

12 Must Watch Anime Series of All Times

Most of Anime fans surely know this series, but this list is made for those who do not watch Japanese animation too often or even not at all.

The anime genre is so large and diverse, not all the series are for everyone. It is best not to panic and look for those that really interest you, but among all, there are some classics that never go out dated and you definitely must watch if you are looking for the best anime series of all times.

Here are some animes that are definitely worth to watch and you should do it at least once in your life.

12.- Cowboy Bebop

Release date: april 1988

Genre: Shojo/Seinen

The crew of a ship traveling through space trying to get rewards and trade in several places. The characters are different, and the relationships between them make the plot. Cowboy Bebop was a success internationally and marks a very popular space genre, in addition to his incredible soundtrack. Cowboy Bebop explores deep philosophical themes such as the emptiness of existence (existentialism), loneliness and the burden of the past. something a bit hard to find in anime series.

11. Death Note

Realese date: December 2003

Genre: Shonen

There are a lot of fans of DeathNote, some of them might be a bit annoying, but that does not mean that Death Note is bad. Instead, Death Note presented a very innovative concept, with research, complex characters and extreme situations. This anime is about a book where the names of the people who you want to kill are written, and it happens. And of course let's not forget about the shinigamis, the demons behind those mysterious books, everything strange can happen in this anime, definitely a must watch.

10. Gundam Wing Opening

Released: April 1996

Genre: Shonen/Seinen

Gundam saga has other series like Gundam Seed, but the best will always be Gundam Wing. If you love giant robots, teenage drivers with emotional conflicts and complex political history, you'll love this series.

9. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Realesed: april 2013

Genre; shonen

The interesting thing about this anime series is that is not as old as the rest, but managed to capture a mass audience. Attack on Titan is about a group of monsters, enormous human alike creatures that devoured most of the human population. For a hundred of years people took refuge behind big walls, but now they are striking again.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist

For many of us, it was one of the series that introduced us to the world of anime, and showed us that emotions do not have to be separated from the action. These two brothers get in trouble when they decide to resurrect her mother through alchemy. It's clearly an emotional and deep story and will keep you glued to the screen.

7. Berserk

Realesed: october 1997

Genre: Seinen

An anime with medieval ambience, which follows the story of a mercenary, called Guts, this anime is another example of how interesting stories doesn't need to be separated from the action. It is striking especially for those who do not mind a some violence in the scenes. I have to say I didn't particularly enjoyed this one, I never liked Guts attitude, the main character, but it is considered a classic so, here it is.

6. Chobits

Chobits is one of the strangest love stories that you can ever watch, and in turn is a very famous series for several reasons. Aesthetics is one of them, because it was created by the group CLAMP, who often take great care with clothing. On the other hand, stories about female robots in love are numerous, but this in particular is the most attractive. If you like short but intense series, I recommend it.

5. Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball

Who doesn't know Dragon Ball Z?, these two series are fundamental to any person, whether you are an anime fan or not. Many of us have seen it in our childhood, when we did not even have any knowledge about the Japanese animation. Undoubtedly, the story can be long, but for some reason we can not stop seeing Goku fighting villains from other planets.

4. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion, the story does not seem very original at first glance, because there are several series of robots with teenage drivers. However, the psychological and emotional content of Neon Genesis Evangelion transformed it into a classic of anime. Of course, we recommend you to pay attention and assume that is a strange group of characters.

3. Monster

Monster is one of the series that not everyone has seen, but which I most recommend. Especially since it moves away from the supernatural and fantasy genre to enter a field of research, suspense and drama. Even those who are not fans of anime could found in Monster a story perfectly developed.

2. Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Also known as Samurai X for some of us, this is an anime that has everything. Kenshin shows us the honor, goodness, but also the courage and friendship. If you are interested in entertaining or well developed characters, "Samurai X" have them. There is also romance and some of the most memorable battles of the anime.

1. Claymore

Claymore is fantasy anime where human beings share the world with another specie commonly called Yoma (or demon). These Yoma prey on humans, as they are able to take human form, they are impossible to detect. For this reason, humanity lives in fear of the possibility of living with a demon and be devoured by it. Because of this fear, a secret organization was created to train "Claymores" women half human, half Yoma, which are able to detect the yomas and hunting them. With superhuman strength and the ability to release demon force, Claymores are dedicated to hunt demons in exchange for rewards that then charges this secret organization. A must watch if you don't mind some violence in the scenes.

Did you know any of this Anime Series? Speak Your Mind!

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