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6 Must-Watch Anime for Fall 2014

Updated on December 20, 2014
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

The Anime of Fall 2014 That You Should See
The Anime of Fall 2014 That You Should See

Witness the Top 6 Anime Recommendations for Fall 2014

The Anime Season: Fall 2014 is finally here within our reach, and so, what greater way to celebrate this season than to watch the anime in their full splendor! But, as any other season of anime goes, not all anime titles are made equal. And so, that being said, this hub shall serve as a collection of six (6) meticulously hand-picked fall 2014 anime series which may possibly have the biggest potential of enchanting you this season.

So there you go! Here are the six (6) Must-Watch Anime of Fall 2014! Give them a try to enjoy them to their fullest extent.

All the anime series recommended in this list are based upon my personal preference and the feedback the titles received from all sorts of anime community (such as forums and groups). That is why, what might for others might not work for some. But the things is, I'm currently spectating all the anime on this list and I have definitely liked them and totally recommend them to you. As such, I say - just enjoy the Fall 2014 Anime Season while it lasts.

Donten ni Warau
Donten ni Warau | Source

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Donten ni Warau

Genre: Action, Historical, and Supernatural

Anime Summary: In an era where change is running at its fastest course in Japan, many people (mostly the samurai) didn't want to go with the flow, which then lead to their rebellion against the government. As a result of this, crime began to spread like wild fire throughout the land.

Having no choice but to create an effective solution to the problem, an inescapable lake prison was built in order to hold criminals and strike fear to the evil-doers who are running rampant everywhere.

Being a high-security prison which it is, three Kumo brothers are tasked to transport the criminals into the dreadful and mysterious lake prison. But, as simple as it might seem, there's actually terribly more into (the lake prison and the Kumo brothers) than meets the eye.

Why it's a Must-Watch: First of all, Donten ni Warau is one of the rare must-watch anime of this season with much appealing characters combined with above-average visuals. Second, it's story and overall theme seems to be a wonderful mix of all the other genres, which makes it seem to be marvelously balanced and very much compelling to watch. And lastly, based on its feedback throughout the forums and anime community, Donten ni Warau has a potential to be an anime that is widely appealing and thrillingly enjoyable. Not to mention, it's comical side equilibriates well with its tragical and action side.

Grisaia no Kajitsu
Grisaia no Kajitsu | Source

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Grisaia no Kajitsu

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller, and Psychological

Anime Summary: On his first step to his so-called start of an ordinary school life, Yuuji Kazami sets foot into a school that's ridiculously far away from what you'd call a regular school. That school is "Mihama Academy", and it isn't what it should be in all its aspects.

Mihama Academy is actually a holding facility for the "fruits that fell too far from the tree". It's a school for people who aren't ordinary at all. It's a mysterious place filled with dark and unfathomable secrets.

As of time being, the school is attended by five (5) female students and one (1) student (that is Yuuji Kazami). All of them as of which, have perplexing secrets that are befitting of the word "twisted". The one who has the gravest secret though is none other than -- Yuuji Kazami himself.

Why it's a Must-Watch: As the summary goes, this anime is not as ordinary as it looks. Actually, it's more than what would consider as "just another anime". Truth be told, after I watched the first episode, I was forced into thinking "I have bad feelings about this". Not in its literal sense but, in a spectacular. I mean, the premise just looks like it's just another school anime but, once I reached the last 2 minutes of the first episode, it just gave me chills as if it was saying that this is gonna be a hell of an emotional ride. And did I mention, there's a dark vibe of thrill in it.

Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai | Source

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Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, and Supernatural

Anime Summary: Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Brittania, a group of fugitives known throughout the land as "The Seven Deadly Sins", was said to have been eradicated by the "Holy Knights" after it conjured a plan of overthrowing the kingdom.

Ten years into the future, the "Holy Knights" have gone wild and set forth into a lifestyle tainted by corruption and evil. As such, the princess of the kingdom, Elizabeth, sets out as the rusty knight in order to search for the "Seven Deadly Sins" as they are the only ones with the power to stop the holy knights. This is all only based on the information that the "Seven Deadly Sins" are still alive and the feeling that it was in fact, the "Holy Knights" who staged the unfortunate event ten years ago).

Now, Elizabeth finds herself in a peculiar bar known as the "Bear Hat" and discovers that the unseemly child bar-owner is none other than the "Sin of Wrath" himself.

Why it's a Must-Watch: With all due sense and thought, this anime (Nanatsu no Taizai) has all the elements and potential of becoming one of the ever-popular and ever-famous "Main-Stream" anime on the roll. That means that this anime is on par with the other famous main-stream anime such as Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, and the others. As I've read the manga myself, I could assure you that Nanatsu no Taizai would deliver all the excitement and enjoyment you could derive from a shounen and adventure anime. That is, if the animators puts justice on the visuals and the execution of the story and action.

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
Rage of Bahamut: Genesis | Source

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Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, and Magic

Anime Summary: Long before in the world of Mistarcia, a destructive black-and-silver winged Bahamut threatened to destroy everything in the world. But, with the combined power of the humans, demons, and gods, they harnessed all their power in a synchronized effort in order to end the Bahamut and seal its tremendous powers. The key to the seal is composed of two parts. One of which is under the care of the gods, while the other is protected by the demons.

Fast forward two thousand years into the future, the world is essentially at peace and enjoying it as a result of what happened long ago. But one day, a mysterious human woman steals the key of the seal guarded by the gods.

Why it's a Must-Watch: If there's a term that could describe this series as whole, then that would be -- Visual Candy! Yes, as that term suggests, this anime has visuals and animation that's both stunning and spectacular. Well, that might not hold true for the art of the main characters but well, that just might need adjusting on our part. After all, this is a new anime in all its original details that seem like something that will surely be a big-hit this season. And of course, let's not forget the really appealing and fluid action animation that it possesses.

Terra Formars
Terra Formars | Source

Terra Formars Manga

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Terra Formars

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Space

Anime Summary: With the ever-curious soul of humanity in exploring space and what's beyond, they finally came upon the age when they are ready to set the planet Mars as a new dominion. But before that, a requirement for the dominion and settlement would be - to make the environment as hospitable as possible for humans. And so, molds and cockroaches were sent first to Mars as a cost-effective measure of mitigating life and balancing the environmental conditions.

Several years have passed since the initial operation and experimentation. Now, the humans are ready to set foot and settle at Mars. But, unbeknownst to them, insurmountable horror is what would be greeting them there. The cockroaches have mysteriously mutated and evolved at an alarming rate that they would be considered a fatal threat to humanity.

As a countermeasure, Earth will send a team of super-powered elites that will end the cockroach infestation before the problem too gigantic to handle. Or is it too late already?

Why it's a Must-Watch: I'm not totally sure if this really should be considered a "Must-Watch" anime this season but, the over-the-line anticipation for it is surreal. I mean, as an anime, it definitely is one of the biggest this season. But, the gore and violence in this one is not for everyone! So, take that heed as warning! On the other hand, if you liked anime like Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and the other apocalyptic anime out there, which Terra Formars is surely similar with, then this is your chance to dig deeper and enjoy a horrific anime like no other.

World Trigger
World Trigger | Source

World Trigger Manga

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World Trigger

Genre: Action, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen, and Supernatural

Anime Summary: Out of the blue in the midst of Earth's peaceful state, a dimensional gate bursts wide-open only to release a horde of abnormal creatures that has the aim to destroy all of humanity. But, as these monstrous creatures popped out of the dimensional gates, a mysterious pack warriors shows up in order to defend the human race.

A couple of years after the appearance of the dimensional gate, the gate still exists but is under control by the organization known as "Border". Peace is back again with only some minor disturbances caused by the monsters. As part of the program by the organization, they also train students and civilians in order to become Border warriors.

One day, a mysterious boy named Kuga Yuuma transfers into a school under the jurisdiction of Border. With events following through, Kuga Yuuma then reveals that he is actually what humans call as "Neigbor" from the dimensional gate.

Why it's a Must-Watch: World Trigger is actually one of the anime I'm so much excited to watch and follow this season. With all of the positive news and rumors about its story and plot going around, there's a big possibility that this anime is actually gonna be one of the best this season. And well, despite it's average visual, they say that the whole story-line and plot makes up for it with an extravagant blast of blended genres. Based on the first episode I watched, I could definitely attest to that as it really seems to be leading to a grander scheme of highly anticipated scenes.

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    • Robert Welter profile image

      Robert Welter 2 years ago

      I'm currently watching all of them. Kudos to this amazing article.

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 3 years ago from Milky Way

      @boneworld thank you. As for me, I'm watching all those six (6) plus some others not in this list until the end. :D

    • boneworld profile image

      Jackson Thom 3 years ago from West of Left South Lucky

      Ya, Terra Formars, I'm totally watching it! I loved Attack on Titan. Great article!