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TV Show Reviews Part 1

Updated on December 22, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to let people know about her opinion on a product.


Some TV shows get boring sometimes or you just don't know what to watch. You may like certain shows or you may not. It really depends on your personality. All shows I am about to watch, I have watched from start to finish or they might still be coming out with new episodes. Some of these shows may have came out in 2017 or before but that doesn't mean they are good shows to watch.

What would you do?

This show is about people that are put in certain situations and how they react to it. Some situations are crazy and sometimes people just don't know what to do. I like this show a lot and it's also on Hulu. It makes you think about what you would do.

American Horror Story

Ahh, yes. American Horror Story. This show is kinda scary so I recommend ages 12+. Each season tells a different story. If you do like weird scary shows, I highly recommend it. It's sick, weird, and twisted.


I don't believe this one is on TV anymore, but I know it's on Hulu. If you like drama high school shows, this is the one for you. I kinda hope this one makes more seasons. They end it in a way you didn't expect.


If you like crime shows, this is a good one. Blindspot is about a woman who showed in up the street in a body bag with tattoos covering her entire body. She doesn't know who she is or where the tattoos come from. She soon find out that her tattoos lead to crazy world event that are about to happen. I like this show and I hope they continue this one for awhile.


I highly recommend this show because it teaches people to be careful when you date online. This show is about two guys who help people meet when they are dating long distance. It's really messed up if you find out you have been talking or dating the opposite sex that you thought they were. I really recommend teenagers to watch this show. It would teach them to be more careful online.

Dead Like Me

This show is actually very interesting. There is an end to it and it makes you laugh. It's not too scary but more humorous than anything. I have watched this one more than once and will watch it again. I put this show in the ghost category for TV shows.

Fear Factor

Been watching this show for quite some time. It is in the game show category. It's about people who are tested to their limits and might have the chance to win a million dollars. It's very interesting what people would do.

Finding Carter

This show should have continued the series and I don't know why they didn't. It's not on TV anymore but it is on Hulu or the MTV's Website. It's About a girl who finds out her mom isn't her real mom. It's a messed up and sad show. I like this one a lot and hope they continue they series eventually.


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