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Must wach TV-series

Updated on March 20, 2016

Modern Family

Modern Family is a comic-show airing since 2009 and has reached their 7th season (2015)

You get to see inside the evryday life of a "modern" family, consisting Jay Pritchett, his colombian wife and old-sould stepson, his daughter Claire with her childish husband and stereotype kids, and of coures Jay┬┤s gay son Michell. Together they form a family filled with fun suprises. They go through and deal with every families normal sitiuations and you can easaly relate to all the fun and awkwardness. Overall it is a familyfriendly and fun TV-show. Highly recommended!

Season 1 trailer

Pretty Little Liars

If you are looking for a girly drama-show with a scary and mystical twist. The series is based on the national bestsellers by Sara Shepard. A group of teenage friends meet again after the mysterious dissapearing of their friend Alison Dilaurentis. Suddenly the girls start to get threatening texts from someone calling themselves -A. Through 6 seasons their friendship is set on trial as they try to descover who this shady person is. A very addicting and girly show filled with freindship, fashion and girly fun!


Young And Hungry

A fun story about Gabbie, the girl with a dream about becoming a professional shef, is hired by a tec-millionare. Now she has to cook, to impress and make money enough for her and Sofia, the roomie. A show filled with friendship, cooking, romance and a lot of laughter. Young and Hungry is different from all other Freeform shows and has gotten a lot of good reviews the past years.

Season 1 trailer

The Vampire Diaries

If you are looking for a overnatural Series to whatch with vampires, warewolves and witches there are many to choose from. But if you want the greatest of the greatest than Vampire Diaries is the one. With 7 seasons there are more then enough to keep yourself entertained.

Plot: Elena Gilbert is a normal teenage girl, but has gone through a lot. With her little brother they have gone through a lot of sorrow loosing their parents in a car accident. In the start of the new semester a new guy has shown up. Elena finds him kind of sketchy, but as soon as she gets to realy know him she finds her self a part of an amazing fairytale.


Hopefully you found something that fit your taste and to entertain you for a while.


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