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Must watch animated movies 2016

Updated on August 14, 2016
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Besides writing, Felishiya Fiamma is also into choreography & web development. She currently speaks Hindi, English, Spanish & little French.

Read about these must watch Hollywood animated movies of 2016. Though, some of them did not received reviews above average, yet they are definitely one time watch. Full of comedy and madness, these movies can surely relieve you from tension of your life, at least for a while.

1. Zootopia

  • Zootopia is an urban utopia where animals having human characteristics reside. The place is taken care of by a rabbit police officer. Due to some wrong circumstances, the city’s Chief asks her to resign from her job. But, situation turns in her favor, when a female otter comes with her case of missing husband and the rabbit police officer accepts it. The chief tells her that if she will not be able to resolve the case, then she has to leave her job.
  • Initially enemies and later turning into friends, a fox helps the rabbit to solve the case that ultimately secures her job. The story takes a twist when the rabbit resigns from her job due to some reasons and discovers a secret after going back to her hometown.
  • The movie is the highest grossing animated movie of 2016 till now. It earned more than $1 billion at the Box Office. With Shakira’s song at the end, makes the movie more energetic.

A still from Thomas and Friends: The Great Race
A still from Thomas and Friends: The Great Race | Source

2. Thomas and Friends: The Great Race

  • Initially made famous by its cartoon series, Thomas and Friends has gained huge popularity through movies as well. In the movie, Thomas wish to participate in the Great Railway show despite of being criticized by the big engines, who say that he is not magnificent and strong enough to compete. As according to big engines, he will have face challenges from those who are the best around the world. Despite of their discouraging statements, Thomas has strong determination for the show.
  • Thomas tries various methods to make him look good and feel strong by copying others, but he fails. Later, he decides to be himself and then, compete in the show. When he finally learns the skills and discovers himself, he makes his way to the show but things again go wrong.
  • The movie is released at different countries on different dates and at some places, it is yet to be released so its collection is still on count. It has already gained wide popularity at the places, where it is already being launched.

3. The Secret Life of Pets

  • The Secret Life of Pets is an epic movie of friendship between humans and their pets. A terrier happily lives with her owner, but things turn sore for him, when his owner brings a new pet. In their personal grudge, when they move outside the home, they get to meet many other street gangs including a feral cat gang and gang of rabbit called as “The Flushed Pets”. The gangs try to kill those two pets because they are domesticated and none of the gangs likes humans.
  • If you have pets, you are surely going to like this movie and understand them. The movie has nicely pictured a pet and human relationship as well as the relationship that exists among animals, which brings a sense of loyalty and trust.
  • The movie turned out to be a great hit on the Box Office earning more than $500 million. You will be delighted to know that it is made by the makers of super hit movie Despicable Me.

A still from The Angry Birds Movie
A still from The Angry Birds Movie | Source

4. The Angry Birds Movie

  • The movie is based on the popular video game of the same name. Due to bad behavior, a flightless bird is forced to take anger management classes. Once, some pigs from other place visit the birds’ islands and offer them presents as a sign of friendship. But, the bird gets suspicious of their moves and follows them.
  • Before he could manage to gather some help from his own island, the explosives planted by those pigs destroy the village. Since, the protector of the island named the Mighty Eagle refused to help them, the bird and his friends have to do something, on their own, to take revenge.
  • The movie has nicely depicted about friendship and perseverance. It is full of action and adventure as well as comedy. It earned around $350 million at the Box Office.

5. Finding Dory

  • The movie is a sequel to Finding Nemo made in 2003. Suffering from the problem of short term memory loss, Dory finds it difficult to locate her lost family. So, Nemo along with Marlin tries to help her. When they start to face deadly situations, Marlin gets angry on Dory saying that she is the reason for getting them into the mess. Disappointed Dory walks away from there and meet an octopus as well as some old friends.
  • On her way to finding her home, she visits old friends and places that help us to recall her past. Till then, Marlin and Nemo also come finding her along with sea lions.
  • After the super hit prequel, Finding Dory also proved to be great at the Box Office and earned nearly $890 million.

A still from Sausage Party
A still from Sausage Party | Source

6. Sausage Party

  • Sausage Party is a thrilling comedy movie. The story revolves around store foods, which are trying to find their origin and figuring out what human beings do with them, after getting sold. They have nicknamed the place, where humans live, as “The Great Beyond”. When some of the foods from a girl’s bag fall down on the road, they run away to look for their past. One of them finds a recipe’s book and gets to know how they are treated by humans. He runs to his friends and tells them the truth, but believing that humans are immortal and they cannot do anything, they ignore the truth. But after a while, when they see one of their friends (foods) alive who also tells them that human beings can be killed. All of them begin a war against humans and start killing them.
  • Can you imagine what will happen if foods really start to feel and take revenge against you? It sounds funny and impossible. Obviously it is, but how they do it in the movie is a great and funny thing to watch.
  • The movie could not collect enough profit at the Box Office, but they definitely have the capability to amuse you with their cuteness. It is not only about a war between foods and human, you will find it hilarious to know that they also have got feelings for each other that they cannot resist.

7. Kung Fu Panda 3

  • It is the third successful instalment in the Kung Fu Panda series. According to the Grandmaster Oogway’s prophecy, Po is a Dragon Warrior who has to fight Kai, where Kai is extremely good in Kung Fu and wants to steal the qi. Having known that Kai has already defeated the Grandmaster Oogway, Po needs to practice hard to save qi from getting stolen by Kai.
  • Po, along with villagers and Furious Five that includes Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey, begins practicing Kung Fu very hard. Besides practicing, Po also needs to make sure that he has perfectly taught each villager the best technique of Kung Fu so that they can help him to fight Kai.
  • The movie will surely be liked by Kung Fu lovers and by all as well. It is full of action and the cute performance of all the characters is also quite worth watching. The movie successfully managed to gross more than $500 million at the Box office.

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Besides these movies, there are many more movies which are yet to be released in 2016 such as Moana, Trolls, Storks, Sing and many more. Let’s see how many more matches with the viewers’ expectations and take position in this list.


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