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My 2011 Vampire Diaries Awards

Updated on December 2, 2011

Year End Review

About this time magazines have a year end review, so this is my year end review for the season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. Here are my own personal yeahs and nays for the first nine episodes of season three.

Best New Character -- Rebekah

What was so refreshing about Rebekah was she had self-respect for herself. Yes, she wanted Stefan, but she didn't intend to chase after him unless he treated her right. That's a rarity on shows these days. She was a breath of fresh air. She's probably one of the most positive female role models on the show, even though she is a vampire.

Most Ridiculous Character -- Caroline Forbes

Where to start? It's been established rule since the beginning that the younger the vamp the weaker the vamp is. So seeing her beating up Damon who is 145 years older than her with the excuse she can because she's angry or seeing Damon and Stefan knocked out by one ghost and seeing her taking on three ghosts and not being knocked out is just plain ridiculous. So is the way she's treating her boyfriend. She can't fathom the fact that Tyler is sired to Klaus and has no choice over being loyal to him and acts like he's choosing to be loyal to Klaus of his own volition. She's also become more shallow if that's possible. When Damon was dying after taking a wolf bite for her her biggest concern was it was ruining her viewing of Gone With The Wind. And she could also care less about Stefan, the guy who taught her the vampire ropes and even got Bonnie to make her a vampire ring so she could walk out in the sun.

Biggest Missed Opportunity -- Stefan Remembers His Past With Klaus and Rebekah

At the end of 3.03 when Klaus uncompelled Stefan and he remembered his past with Klaus and Rebekah you thought that was going to be a huge game changer. That vervain necklace he gave Elena actually belonged to Rebekah and unlike with Katherine, Stefan had real feelings for her. And he seemed to replace Damon with Klaus. How would this affect Stefan's loyalties. His relationship with Elena? His relationship with Damon? The answer is it wouldn't, because by the next episode it was like it never happened as it had no lasting affect on Stefan.

Most Welcome Return -- Katherine

Things were getting a bit boring without the vampire vixen around, especially for Damon. He comes alive and at his Damon best when Katherine is around. She's really the only character he can truly be himself with without fear of being condemned and judged.

Biggest Waste -- Damon and Katherine

The show keeps going on about Stefan and Elena are their epic love story, but the real epic love story is Damon and Katherine. Their love affair has been going on for over a century and a half. Damon was willing to die for her so he could spend all eternity with her. Katherine gave up her chance of freedom from Klaus to save Damon's life. And they have sexual chemistry to die for. So is the show taking advantage of this gold mine they've got on their hands? Nope. Instead their pushing Damon with Elena, a woman that doesn't accept him as he is and who he has to play pretend with to get along with to try and sell this dead-triangle their pushing. When you've engraved in gold that Stefan/Elena are the epic couple and that's not going to change, what is the point of this triangle aside from giving your epic couple a little angst.

They Should Have Thought Twice Award -- Killing Off Anna

Bringing back Anna as a ghost revealed just what a good a couple Jeremy and Anna could have been when she returned as a ghost. they had good chemistry and their scenes were very emotional. She's actually the only one giving Jeremy any kind of support. They really should have thought twice before they killed off Anna.

Worst Plot Twist -- Making Tyler A Hybrid

Tyler won fans over with his tortured journey of dealing with his werewolf curse. And the show claimed they were going to sell Tyler and Caroline as a Romeo and Juliet romance because he's a werewolf and she's a vampire and if he should bite her she could die. But by turning Tortured Tyler into The Happy Hybrid they threw that all out and most of the story potential that's already there. Worse yet, they decided to make Tyler enslaved to Klaus by having him be sired.

Most Shocking Plot Twist -- Stefan Makes Damon Watch As He Kills Andie

Klaus knew Damon was following him and Stefan, and Stefan was afraid what Klaus might do to Damon. So he did something he knew would make Damon give up on him and stop following him. He lured Damon to Andie's TV station and proceeded to make Damon watch as he compelled Andie to jump to her death.

Worst Cliffhanger And Resolution -- Klaus Orders Stefan To Kill Elena

This one happened in Smells Like Teen Spirit and it was a cliffhanger for a commercial break. Stefan claimed if he started feeding on Elena he wouldn't be able to stop. And the show cut away to commercial just as Stefan was feeding on Elena. When the show came back from the break Elena hadn't been drained dry, she was laying in a hospital bed donating her blood to Klaus' Hybrid Project. So how did Stefan stop from draining her dry? We don't know. Presumably, Klaus suddenly realized she was the key ingredient to make his hybrids and ordered Stefan to stop.

Most Overused and Under-Dramatic Plot -- Elena's Life Is In Jeopardy

Just how many times has Elena's life been in jeopardy? And just how many times has nothing happened to her? Too many times to count. It's gotten so old and overused that you don't even worry what's going to happen, because nothing will. She'll be saved with nary a scratch on her head.

Worst Sister -- Elena

Elena saw Jeremy smoking a joint and tried to get Alaric to talk to him, when he refused, she forgot all about Jeremy to continue obsessing over her missing boyfriend. She wasn't even shown reacting or caring that Jeremy was seeing ghosts. She only cared when she could use it to her own advantage. And when she saw Jeremy kissing Ghost Anna, she gave him attitude instead of empathy and understanding.

Best Brother -- Stefan

Stefan can be priggish and judgmental at times when it comes to his brother, Damon, but he's also proven that there isn't much he won't do to save his brother when his life is in danger. He made a deal with the devil for ten years of his life to save Damon's life and to become the thing he hates most, The Ripper. He even murdered Damon's girlfriend in an attempt to protect his brother and get him to give up on him to keep him safe. Even compelled to feel nothing, he still won't let anything happen to his brother.

Best Potential New Couple -- Matt and Bonnie

It came out of nowhere in It Smells Like Teen Spirit. Bonnie and Matt had a heart-to-heart and she even saved his life. And Bonnie also helped Matt send Vicky back to the netherworld. Matt broke up with Caroline because he couldn't handle a supernatural girlfriend, but in Mystic Falls, Bonnie is as close to normal. Unfortunately, since the show has cast a new love interest for Bonnie, it appears the show is going to waste the potential of this very surprising potential couple.

Best Relationship -- Damon and Stefan

Yep, these two brothers have a better relationship than any of the romantic pairings on the show. The history between these two brothers goes back further than that of Damon and Katherine. On Damon's part his feelings for his brother are very complicated. While he loves his brother very much, there's also a part of him that resents him. Still, whenever Stefan's life is in danger the love always wins out. And Stefan for his part is always putting down Damon and criticizing him but as he's proven, he'll do anything to save his brother's life. Even being compelled, the only thing that can get through to Stefan is if his brother's life is in danger.

Best Character Developing Moment -- Damon Telling Elena Off

Damon had a Network moment when he got mad as hell and he wasn't going to take it anymore. His best friend, Alaric, suddenly started getting on his back, suggesting he was putting the moves on Elena, when he wasn't doing anything. Ungrateful Junior Vampire Caroline beat him up for trying to kill her daddy who tortured her, even though Damon nearly died because he took a wolf bite from her boyfriend that was meant for her. Then Elena started telling him he couldn't act the way he was if he wanted to be around her and he basically told her where to go. Granted, by the next episode the show totally unwrote it, but for that moment Damon finally stood up for himself and they can't take that away from him.

Worst Trashing Of Character History -- Damon and Katherine's Nonsensical Conversation in 3.05

If you're up on your Damon and Katherine history, which the writer who apparently wrote the scene wasn't, you must have been staring open-mouthed at your TV when Katherine suggested the Damon she knew would never risk his life for anyone. Hello, he died trying to save Katherine. And Damon's response was equally ridiculous, claiming he wouldn't risk his life for her. It was a total rewriting of their history to try and sell some rubbish that Damon would only put his life in danger for Elena, which is pure garbage.

Best Partners In Crime -- Damon and Katherine's Diabolical Partnership

It didn't last long, unfortunately, but while it lasted it was great. Imagine if these two teamed up full-time. They would be a force to be reckoned with.

Best Kiss -- Damon and Katherine's Moving Violation

It didn't last long. Only a few seconds. But it was hot and passionate and happened while Damon was driving a car. Kids don't try this at home.

Most Pointless Plot Twist -- Damon and Alaric On The Outs

Alaric suddenly was convinced even though Damon wasn't doing anything, he was putting the moves on Elena. In retaliation, Damon snapped Alaric's neck, making sure he was wearing his protecto ring before he did it. After that Alaric wanted nothing to do with Damon and preceded to crawl so far up Elena's butt he probably knew when she was going to have a bowel movement before she did. They sort of made up several episodes later, but there seemed to be no purpose other than to add another notch to Elena's gun belt of the number of slaves she has worshiping at her feet.

Worst History Lesson -- How The Originals Became Vampires

According to Elijah, The Originals were superior vamps who couldn't be killed in a normal fashion and who could walk unaffected in the sun. Something the writers forgot when it came time to tell their story. Rebekah recalled how she got burned by the sun and had to have a special piece of jewelry given to her to make her able to walk in the sun just like the other normal day walking vampires.

Most Wasted Character -- Mikael

Klaus just hasn't lived up to his big bad rep, but Mikael seemed ready to fulfill the big bad vampire role. Instead of feeding on humans, Mikael fed on other vampires. Something Katherine found out the hard way. Unfortunately, when the Kill Klaus plan went wrong, Mikael was the casualty. He barely got a chance to truly cause havoc when he was quickly dispatched.

Most Disappointing Character -- Esther

She was the mother of the TO's and it was revealed she was the witch who put the curse on Klaus. She also cheated on her husband, Mikael, with a werewolf. She was also the witch on the other side that sent Vicky back to kill the doppelganger. But it was a case of she should have just been talked about by other characters and not seen, because when you saw her she was as interesting as faded wallpaper and like her son Klaus, she just didn't live up to her rep.

Worst Return -- Elijah

Fans have been clamoring for his return, but if he hadn't been in 3.08 would he have been missed. He basically stood around and added nothing to the narration of the story of the TO's.

Worst Heroine -- Elena

She couldn't care less about her brother even when she sees him smoking a joint or learns he's seeing dead people. She's a lousy friend and basically only has time for them when she has a use for them. She has no problem putting people's lives in danger to get what she wants. In short, she has a very ME ME ME attitude and cares for no one but herself and the object of her obsession, Stefan.

Best Reveal -- Katherine Ruined The Kill Klaus Plan To Save Damon

The plan to kill Klaus went wrong and viewers were shown why. Klaus told Katherine if he died, Damon would die. Katherine rushed over to revive Stefan and tell him that Damon was going to die if the plan went on as planned. She also revealed to Stefan what many fans had suspected for a long time, that she loved Damon. Now if only Damon could find out she gave up her chance to be free of Klaus to save his life.

Makes No Sense Award -- Stefan Wants Revenge

Okay, my question is for what? He made a deal with Klaus to be his slave in exchange for the cure to save Damon. Klaus kept his end of the bargain and when Stefan helped to kill Mikael, Klaus set him free. So where in that does Stefan have any reason to want revenge.


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