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My (ABC) Lost Experience Complete - Part 1 of 2

Updated on December 15, 2010

I was totally oblivious to ABC’s Lost existence when it was first televised. After my brother watched the first few shows he described what a great show it was. I somehow tune out what he was trying to say. There were commercials and shows that were hyping up Lost the series but I didn't buy into it. I rarely watch prime time television anymore and my kids normally tune into the kids channels in the main TV in the family room when I’m not watching. When it's my turn to watch, I normally tune into sports, home improvement, history, and science channels. Many times the shows that I watch are random. I really hate commercials and when they show up during the current show that I am watching, I would usually surf other channels. If I find something more interesting, I would completely forget about the previous show that I was watching and watch the new show, instead.

During the past few years or so, Fox’s 24 became my show. The funny thing about that show was that the same brother who told me how great ABC’s Lost was, did the same about 24. I also ignored what he was trying to say to me and I barely knew that 24 existed. Three years after 24 came on, I watched it religiously until 24’s last season in 2010. The same thing was about to happen with Lost.

Two years later after Lost had premiered, I got into the discussion with the day care mom about Lost. For some reason, she was holding ABC’s Lost DVD set of Season two. And then I asked her if Lost was any good. She began to describe the show in ways that made me curious. Her description of the plot was more interesting than my brother’s. She mentioned peculiar things that were in the show such as a polar bear and a smoke monster. I vaguely remember my brother talking about those things. It sounded like a good science fiction story and I love science fiction.

She offered the Season two DVD set to me. I explained to her that I missed Season one and have a lot of catching up to do. My day care mom said that I could completely skip Season one. That season was all about introducing characters. Things got more interesting in Season two. Season two was all about the Hatch and with Season three running at that time, more information on the Hatch was given through stories about the Others and this Dharma Initiative. With topics such as polar bear, smoke monster, the Hatch, and the Others, I was very anxious to find out what these things were all about.

I started watching the first show of ABC’s Lost Season two on DVD on the same day the day the care mom handed it to me. This set contains six discs. Each DVD held 4 shows and each are 40 minutes long. This meant that the one hour broadcasts filled 20 minutes of commercials in each show. I was not surprised. But when you put it in terms of numbers, you begin to think about how much of your life is wasted on commercials.

The first show of ABC’s Lost Season two aired in September of 2005. I watched it a year later in 2007 with my neighbor's DVD set. I vaguely remember the show. But I recalled getting hooked after the end of the first show. What was intriguing was this nonsense about a series of numbers that someone types into a 70's computer. This someone is Desmond and he turned out to be one of my favorite characters in the series. After seeing more airtime of the other characters like Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and Sayid, I was worried that Desmond would be killed off early.

For me, the formula that seem to make this series successful were appealing characters, interesting dialogue, and fascinating story. Of these three pieces, it was the story that was the most remarkable. There was mystery upon mystery and elements of science fiction. I really wanted to know why those damned numbers had to be punched in the computer on a fixed interval and if it really meant the end of the world if it the typing stopped.

A touch of surrealism also happened. In some episodes of Season 2 and 3, this song, "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Elliot Cass (also known as Mama Cass) would be played in scenes. I hadn’t heard this song in decades. My dad would play oldie songs like this on vinyl and it brought back so much memories when I was a kid. Somehow this song is integrated into the series and it would also take me back in time, which enhances the mood when you are watching a television show heavy in time travel.

There were times when the show reminded me of a great computer game called Myst. Myst involves another fictional island where a explorer travels to different worlds from the island with the use of a special book. In Lost, you are taken to other another place and time through flashbacks and time travel.

Each show got me wanting for more. There were 24 shows in season 2 and I saw it all in one week.


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