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My American Film Market

Updated on June 1, 2011
Ross at AFM Le Merigot 2006
Ross at AFM Le Merigot 2006

MY AFM 2006

The following blog was originally written Friday, November 10, 2006. I worked at the AFM then and this past week in November 2009.

Romance, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Documentaries, buyers, sellers, exhibitors, movie screenings, film seminars, badges, collagen lips, escorts, good films, bad films, trade magazines, rape scenes, bestiality, large snakes, giant eels, nakedness, sex exploitation, the undead, cheesy subtitles, beautiful women, nervous sales agents, pushy press agents, swanky cocktails, beach-side ocean views, beautiful sunsets. The American Film Market has something for everyone.

I had fun scanning badges at the American Film Market this past week. I saw women with too many plastic surgeries and men in their forties and fifties wearing their gray hair up in youthful trendy ways. The AFM is one of the best places to people watch.

My two teammates, Jana (right) and Heidi (left) make the best of it by reading trade magazines as I did too.
My two teammates, Jana (right) and Heidi (left) make the best of it by reading trade magazines as I did too. | Source
Ross at AFM Loews Hotel 2009  (a few pounds lighter than in 2006)
Ross at AFM Loews Hotel 2009 (a few pounds lighter than in 2006)
One of our neighboring companies had this great poster of Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius.
One of our neighboring companies had this great poster of Chow Yun-Fat as Confucius.

My AFM 2009

After a 3 year absence, I returned to work for the AFM. In 2006 I worked as a badge scanner at the Le Merigot Hotel. This year the Market added two screening rooms in the Loews Hotel on the 3rd floor, underneath the hotel lobby. At the Le Merigot I scanned badges at larger screening facilities and there was a lot of foot traffic in front of the screenings. At the Loews I was scanning badges again and basically spent the week cooped up in a hotel corridor. There wasn't that much foot traffic except for the surrounding distribution companies going back and forth about their business. Some of our neighboring companies became friendly to our screening team. We were even invited to a dinner party by one of the Thai companies. That was a the best 10 minute break I took all week.

Half of our screenings were somewhat full while others were completely empty. It was up to the distributors seeking certain movie content to find these new screenings that were basically hotel rooms set up with DVD players.

It was good to walk outside on our ten minute breaks and get some fresh air. Towards the end of the week I was waiting for the twin girls from "The Shining" to turn the corner of the corridor and haunt us. After getting fresh air, my hunt started for candy, chocolate, anything with sugar to keep me and my teammates awake. The 5th floor was good for 'goodies.' Those M&M Premiums were so good!

One great little story involved a press agent that was demanding to enter a screening. Press agents are not allowed unless they have specific permission from the director or exhibitor. The director that was there seemed to be open to more people in her screening. Thirty minutes into the screening a representative for the 'other screening' next to the one the press agent went into came by. She mentioned to us that she had spoken to a press agent and was wondering if she had shown up. A few minutes later the press agent exited her screening and 'nicely' asked us about the screening next door. She then entered that screening. She was so adamant about getting into that screening and ended up attending the wrong screening. That film was so different than what she was wanting to see. DUMBASS!


It's funny to see one of the hotel cleaning staff members waited to pass as an interview took place. Soon a line formed as the interview continued.

Yankees Win 27th Championship!

On the first day of the market I was kind of a wreck in anticipation of Game 6 of the World Series with the NY Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. I found this great group of Yankee fans that watch the games together at this restaurant, Victorio's in Burbank. I would miss most of the game, but was receiving updates on my iPhone. We worked until 7:30PM every night. So after thinking I might watch the rest of the game at the neighboring Le Merigot Hotel, I decided to try to make it out to that bar in Burbank. It was a gamble leaving Santa Monica at about 8PM, but I made it to Victorio's in Burbank with just enough time to catch Mariano's last three outs and get dowsed in champagne. Sing it Frank! "New York, New York."


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