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The Expanding Android App

Updated on June 18, 2014

Confessions of a Smartphone Addict

I have been a smartphone user for about three years now and I have to confess that I am hooked. I use my phone where ever I go, work, dining out, visiting friends and even in front of the television. I never leave my phone too far away because I am lost without it.

It was not always this way. When I first decided to join the world of cell phone users I just wanted a simple phone to keep in contact with people. It did not take long before that began to change. The more features I discovered my phone was capable of, the more tasks I wanted it to do.

My current phone is a Samsung Intercept that I have had for a year and a half now. It has been a reliable phone and believe me I have really put it to the test. It has been dropped, sat on, gotten wet and even thrown across the room once or twice by my girlfriend and it still works great.

As I got more into my phone I began to add apps to increase the things I could do with it. I would search through Android Market for hours looking for anything that caught my interest. I got apps for my bank accounts and credit cards, sports scores, you name it I probably have it.

The Ever Expanding App

One of my hobbies is playing fantasy sports. I have teams in all the major sports leagues, forever trying to build a championship team. Its another one of my obsessions that I will share in another hub.

I play my fantasy sports on Yahoo and I am daily making adjustments to my rosters and once I got a smartphone it was only a matter of time before I ended up downloading fantasy sports apps to keep track of my teams when away from the computer.

I had a football app, an app that was for basketball and hockey and never had any problems with them. Then I added the yahoo fantasy baseball app. I really liked the look of it and it was simple to use. Exactly what I wanted it to be.

There was only one problem with the app and it was not immediately noticeable. It has been expanding in size, currently taking up twice as much memory as it did when I first got the app. I am concerned that it will out grown my phone's memory before the baseball season concludes.

Each day I check the memory manager on my phone and discover that the baseball app is slightly bigger than the day before. I am beginning to feel like I am in the middle of some sort of modern day Twilight Zone episode. I worry that one day I will turn on my phone and it will be a large baseball on the screen and nothing more.

Clearing out the memory cache for my apps has become a part of my daily routine. I go through each one, one at a time, deleting things. Then I return the next day, only to discover that it is even bigger than before. I know Yankee fans are wondering what happened to Alex Rodriguez this post season, but judging by the size of my app I am beginning to wonder if he has become trapped inside my app.


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