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My Avengers Movie Review

Updated on May 7, 2012


The much awaited film finally in theaters- The Avengers. What makes the movie so exciting is to see the Marvel heroes Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Incredible Hulk and Black Widow merged despite of the differences of their ideals and personalities to save planet earth. And isn’t it interesting to see how the story once written on pieces of paper brought to life?

Iron Man

What makes The Avengers worth watching for? Aside from the effects, for me, it’s the characters of the movie portrayed by good actors and the role they portrayed believable made me watch the movie almost without blinking my eyes. Ironman/Tony Stark role stand out among the rest being the “most modern hero” and he spiced up the movie being the least serious of the group. Although not serious, he played a great part of the movie by stopping the missile which can destroy a city and almost lead to his death. Funny, genius and brave… those words best describe Ironman.

Captain America

Ironman meets Captain America- the first Avenger. Captain America is like an antique- outmoded (which made him laughable in audience’s eyes) but an asset. Although Tony Stark has the brains and more advanced weapon while is but Captain America has the leadership skills and strength (although he is not as strong as Hulk) which we can never see, I think, among the other characters. A scene of the movie showed how he led the team of superheroes by giving them directives to save the planet. Oh, how I wish Ironman helped Captain America to upgrade its suit!

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow did give a color to the movie by showing her naughty ways when she involved herself in a fight. Black Widow is played by no less than Scarlett Johansson. Black widow is canny, sexy, and kickass in character. I just find Scarlett too sexy and maybe because I was thinking of Milla Jovovich fits the role. She’s from Ukraine, sexy and used to play kickass movies like Resident Evil. But, maybe the producers have their reasons of why they choose Scarlet which I could not think of. Anyhow, Black Widow doesn’t have armor like Ironman, shield like Captain America, super strength like Hulk and Powerful hammer like Thor, that didn’t stop her from fighting with Loki’s borrowed army for she has this extraordinary strength and skills as a woman.


Incredible Hulk’s character adds pique to the movie. Knowing that when his anger is directly proportional to his incredible strength, and being made me question his capability to work with others. Anyhow, in the movie, his beastly strength proved to be an asset rather than a liability to his team.


Finally, the last but the least (drums roll)…Thor! Thor is unquestionably power in view of the fact that he is a god. In the near end of the movie, Loki and Thor returned to their planet with Loki and other worldly enemies alive continuously yearning the cosmic cube be in their possession; will there be The Avengers 2”?

Avengers Movie Trailer

We seldom see movies on a big screen and we make sure that every movie that we will watch is worth spending for. And after seeing the film, we ended up smiling and saying, “Yeah, we never waste our time and money watching it.”


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