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My Biggest Pet Peeves

Updated on May 8, 2012

Pet peeves; everyone has them, they bother you, they drive you crazy, they make you wanna rip out your hair. Some people have more than others, but let's see if you agree with any of mine. I mean I still wonder why people do half this stuff anyway. Here we go.

Loud Chewers (Open Mouth Chewers)

I absolutely hate this. This is definitely my number 1 pet peeve. There is no reason, to ever chew with your mouth open, so that someone next to you or as far as 20 feet away can see you. Now this may be only my problem but I can't even look at people who chew loudly. For instance if I have headphones on and I see someone chewing obnoxiously, it bothers me. It's so ugly looking, there is no need to open your mouth and chomp down like, it's even worse when people have that circular mouth chewing action like a cow grazing. It all drives me crazy and makes me want to punch people in the mouth. Seriously, loud chewers, aren't you aware of how ugly, loud, and annoying you are?

Loud breathers (mouth or nose)

People who breathe loud. Whether its through your mouth and you sound like your dying and heaving, or whether its through your nose, either way, I find that in most cases these people don't realize it. HOW?! I can hear you over family feud tuned up to 40 volume, shut up. Either blow your nose if its stuffed, or invent a quiet breathing apparatus so you can shut up and stop sounding like the fat kid who just got winded from drinking from the water fountain.

Ugly People

I mean there is not much ugly people can do about their sever ugliness, but it bothers me. It's worse because ugly people are always annoying personality wise, thus creating the double whammy ugly inside and out complex. This is just unfortunate to have. In the rare case that you are not annoying and you are hideous, it is somewhat tolerable, but your ugliness will hinder the ability of others to not be annoyed by you even if you are indeed not an annoying person. It sucks to suck.

Stupid People

Stupid people is a pretty broad one that involves anyone that types like (OMG LULZ YO DAWG MAN3 IM BAWS YAS! =P) anything that is obnoxious, incorrectly spelled, overly enthusiastic, caps locked, and/or overly abbreviated. (ihtgtamdats= I have to go take a massive dump and than shower) is annoying. It's even more annoying when people bring abbreviations into normal speak. Now popular with YOLO. YOLO wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so abused. For instance "getting some ice cream YOLO!!" is not a proper use you inferior 12 year old. Outside of talking and typing, stupid also covers anyone who just completely lacks common sense, says stupid stuff, pretends to be dumb (blonde) or thinks they know it all when they know nothing (women). Unfortunately for us, women are always right, and we are actually the dumb ones who know nothing. I could go on for a long time about all the types that fit into stupid people and their traits but I'll list them instead; terrible typers, posers, hipsters, gangstas, wiggers, bratty children, parents who let their children boss them around, professors who can't teach, people who wear their pants low, anyone that walks slow in public and takes no notice of people around them, tourists, rent a cops.

People Who Cannot Take A Joke and/or Laugh at Themselves

Anyone who gets upset when being made fun (now this obviously doesn't include the extent of bullying) I mean like playful sisterly brother making fun of, or best friend making fun of. Everyone has that friend who can't take a joke and gets really upset at everything, while this is a pet peeve it is also the only item on the list that doubles entertainment. But if you can't laugh at yourself and you take everything in life way too seriously not only do you fall into this category but you fall into the stupid people category leading me to not like you. Sorry. I think the title explains this one enough and I will not really elaborate on this final member of the list.

If you have any pet peeves, please comment yours, I love to hear people complain about things they hate it's one of the funniest things to talk about I think. Thanks

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