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My Crazy Landlord Stories

Updated on May 22, 2017
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Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.

As I was sitting here trying to think of an interesting subject for todays hub, low and behold. came a knock on the door. It was the landlord looking to collect the rent. Now I know that in itself doesn't make for much of a story, but when you hear about the crazy quirks of my landlord, then I think you will understand.

I moved into my apartment last summer and at the time, the landlord didn't even ask for identification. My first thought was that my new apartment complex is likely inhabited by weirdos of all sorts, a topic which will certainly be addressed in future stories. Still I needed a place to stay and the price was right, so I moved in.

Now we have all heard horror stories about bad landlords, they are nosey, never fix things, complain about noise and the list goes on. Yet my landlord is none of the above. Something breaks, someone will be out to repair it the same day. He is very attentive to tenant needs.

So why is he crazy? He never seems particularly interested in collecting the rent. I used to play phone tag for half the month in an attempt to pay, but now I just wait till he comes around. Usually it happens about two weeks after the first of the month, though he has been known to completely forget about a month here and there.

Even when he picks up the check there is no guarantee that he will deposit it in the bank. A few months ago I called to ask why he hadn't cashed the previous months rent check and his reply was that it must have been in the stack of papers his dog ate. You just can't make things like this up. I could have had a free month if only my parents had not raised me to be so honest.

So now I am looking forward to many happy years with my crazy landlord. I can't take a chance on ending up with a landlord who always wants his money and never fixes anything. I will just stay on with the anti-slumlord in my little slice of paradise.

© 2011 Christopher J Wood


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