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My Early Impressions of Mirai Nikki/Future Diary

Updated on July 20, 2019
They look so cute together... :)
They look so cute together... :) | Source

A little disclaimer...

These impressions are from a few years ago, and thought I'd share these impressions first before moving on to my second impressions, and then finally my full review. Also this impression was only made after seeing the first episode, so this might be a tad short. I went into Mirai Nikki/Future Diary with zero expectations since expecting anything from a hyped series holds poor results for me. That being said things didn't turn out so bad as a result, so let's get into that...

This image attracted me to Future Diary... I like how it's drawn.
This image attracted me to Future Diary... I like how it's drawn. | Source

My first Impression on Mirai Nikki/Future Diary

I feel I might piss off some people with this, but I think Mirai Nikki/Future Diary might end up being a guilty pleasure of mine. How? Well I'm weighing the good with the bad. The constant posts regarding Mirai Nikki gave me the impression that the only reason this series was worth any attention was because of Yuno's psychotic nature and obsession with generic-self-insertion-mcdweeb... Sorry, I mean Asino... Oh and did I mention the "GORE AND VIOLENCE?!" Hell even the intro is off putting by showing the oh-so-horrifying imagery of mutilation and blood riddled violence.

If the first episode is any indication however thankfully there will be some characterization and levity involved as opposed to being dragged kicking and screaming through a series of generic grim and gritty back stories and dark plot with no emotional counter balance in sight. However despite this, this episode had me invested one minute only to lose me five to ten seconds after. It went a little something like this:"Asino is your atypical anti-social geeky protagonist who's friends with supernatural beings, or in this case God. God then looks upon him and says:'Hey you seem bored with your life. Let me spice things up with giving you the ability to see the future."

That and the characterization for Asino, Deus and the white haired little girl had me invested. Then it lost me with how long it took for Asino to figure out that he could see into the future to where Deus had to TELL HIM "Yeah you can see into the future dude, have fun." That and the "grizzly murders" leading up to Asino's opponent revealing himself felt rather dull. Build up should NEVER be dull, especially in a horror series like this one. Another draw back was the Twilight vibe I got when Asino finally meets Yuno who reveals herself to him and he thinks to himself that she's the "the crazy stalker type." Yeah much like Bella Swan thought the same thing Edward Cullen for a minute, next thing you know they wanted to f*ck. I foresee Asino and Yuno doing the same thing by episode 2 or 3. Especially with how well they worked together, which in turn led to my favorite part of the episode, when after killing the criminal who committed the afore mentioned murders, Yuno said:"That's it, I expected at least some blood." Because I was thinking the same thing as I watched the dude merely just spiral out of existence. Oooooh spoooooooooky LOL!

But yeah Yuno's morbid sense of humor might make her my favorite character. She might be more fun than my initial impression gave her credit for, aside from her morbid murderous obsession with Asino later on... That and the aspect where the diaries wielders die when their cellphones are destroyed. I can't help but think that's a satirical jab at those who say:"I can't live without my cellphone." But yeah if you hadn't guessed I riffed on this episode here and there, hence the "guilty pleasure" aspect.

Deus...Short for "Deus Ex Machima..." And no, he doesn't live up to that name...
Deus...Short for "Deus Ex Machima..." And no, he doesn't live up to that name... | Source
This cute little thing is known as "Murmur." Yes, "Murmur..." This show is odd...
This cute little thing is known as "Murmur." Yes, "Murmur..." This show is odd... | Source

The Conclusion....

In conclusion, I enjoyed the first episode despite the ups and downs I had with it. Some of the support characters aside from Yuno seemed fun, and the set up was nice. It's not worth the hype for me but that doesn't mean it's not fun.


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